Preorder discounted for Switch version of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Amazon has discounted the physical version of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen to $27.92 on the Nintendo Switch.

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Darkborn10d ago

For anyone that hasn't played this game in the past, it really is excellent. It's a good mix of jrpg goodness, with some of the west's systems. Hands down this had the best combat for an open world rpg at the time it came out, and it still is good today. I played it yesterday again, and it still packs hours and hours of fun.

I still to this day want a real sequel to dragon's dogma, and I don't mean the online version that will probably never release in the west. A proper sequel where they spend time on the weaknesses. To me the only real weakness this had was how there was no legitimate fast travel for most of the game, and even when you get it, it's not that great. But that is the only real flaw in my eyes that pops out and I feel needs to be corrected.

TargusX8d ago

I'm so pleased to see this being released on Switch. I bought it on Xbox but it didn't feel right. I wonder if they'll add anymore changed to the game pre-release?