5 Annoying Destiny Things That Might Finally Go Away Now That Activision is Out of the Picture

Ed m writes: Now that Activision is out of the picture when it comes to the future of Destiny, here's five things that could change for the better.

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bigmalky9d ago

1-4. Destiny
5. Destiny Sheep

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Evolve9d ago

Well, to start with:
1- Activision.

TheGamez1009d ago

Welp, bungies still gunna have to win my trust back though and with activision outta the way, thatll be the first step.

neutralgamer19929d ago

Bungie were the ones who did most of the shady things. I know Activision are one of the worst publishers but gamers are acting like bungie didn't pick them on their own and put up with them

Activision has been greedy for a long time so bungie knew what they were signing up for. Now bungie have no one but themselves to blame so better get their acts straight

Shiken9d ago

Honestly they need to take some notes from DE and Warframe.

Make the game F2P if you want micro transactions.

Make everything obtainable in-game and with reasonable efforts.

Listen to fan feedback.

These 3 things have done wonders for Warframe and it is the reason why so many people choose it ober other looter shooters.

Darkborn9d ago

I agree. But I don't really see them going free to play. Warframe is an anomoly because it allows players to literally get everything in game ( at least on console) except for a few items that come out in prime accessory packs. Those are only a few times a year and it's only cosmetics that don't have any legitimate value or break the gameplay in any way.

For destiny to go free to play, they would have to either make weapons have no perk rolls, or have people pay cash for perk rolls. They could also sell xp boosters and stuff, but I don't really see them doing much more unless they seriously revamp the customization system kinda like Warframe or even lkke Anthem is seemingly doing. If they only sold cosmetics, and maybe xp boosters ( I know those are controversial, but if they made the regular xp not shady and slow down over time like in destiny 2..) it would be fine.

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