Bungie Sheds Activision, But It’s Too Late

Recently game publisher Activision announced that it would pass on “full publishing rights and responsibilities for the Destiny franchise” over to Bungie. After helping Bungie launch Destiny and Destiny 2 over the past few years, the mega-publisher is stepping away. The Destiny community, to say the least, is praising the split due to the fact that many players believe Activision is responsible for some of the game’s controversies revolving around microtransactions and shady business practices. But we are not here to pounce on Activision. I think the split is a positive thing, but I also think it is too late for Destiny 2.

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TedCruzsTaint7d ago

It's not. Destiny, as a whole, holds a lot of promise. The first game did incredibly well. The second did still well, but not by comparison. Throw out solid trailers, prove things are gonna change, and they still have a popular, if flawed, series that could now flourish.

S2Killinit7d ago

Yes. The gameplay mechanics are great.

noprin7d ago

Indeed its never too late
There were so many bad games out there that become better over time,destiny 2 can do it also
I dont know why there is So many negetive articles these days 🙄

ILostMyMind6d ago

So there is still hope for Vita.

Just joking.

Kyizen6d ago

Destiny 2 is not a bad game lol what are you smoking. The quiet man is a bad game, we the happy few is a bad game...

noprin5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Where did i say desteny 2 was a bad game 🤔🤔🤔
What are you smoking bro?
I said that so many bad games could do it and they became better games,so destiny 2(which is not a bad game at all) can do it also

REDGUM7d ago

Very true. If only EA would lend DICE go and we'd have the same thing there too.

TedCruzsTaint7d ago

Guess the hater squad swooped in.

pain777pas6d ago

I have to agree. They should concentrate though on a single player Destiny with multiplayer in the vein of Halo first to reset. They've made too many great playing games in my honest opinion to be down and out. They have the pedigree at the very least.

CorndogBurglar6d ago

The headline doesn't match the article. The headline just says its too late. But the article only talks about it being too late FOR DESTINY 2. Which is probably true. Destiny 3 is where we will see improvements, if we ever do.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane7d ago

It’s never too late to go independent. This split means great things for destiny 3 and future new ip from bungie. Activision and EA are cancerous publishers and they need to be purged.

Companies like CD project remain independent and need to be supported. With the creative freedom they get to make great games.

darthv727d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Bungie has been independent since 07.
The publishing contract may have been contractual but they were always free to make the games they wanted. And they wanted to make Destiny.

mcstorm7d ago

I feel destiny will never be as big as halo for them and this is part of the issue. It felt like they reskinned halo added a few extra bits to it and called it destiny but the story behind the game was not strong enough.

Look at halo and how strong the story was behind them all even ODST.

If they can look to get back to doing this with destiny or even a new IP I feel they could have something big but the games industry is a strange place esp this gen. Last gen was full of great FPS games this one has been far from it. Halo 5 was great MP poor SP story, KZ well less said about that the better. BF4 was good but been lacking since Cod I've never been a fan but that seems to be pushing on and others falling behind including some of the new ips like destiny

gamingunited7d ago

To late for what? I guarantee they have stacks of cash, if Destiny isn't making them money (which it is) they can and will make new games.

Teflon027d ago

How well is destiny doing because if I recall correct. During the last few months of last year, I literally got the PS4 version from plus and like a month later, got a free copy from blizzard, just because I didn't own it and had an account lol. I can't see destiny 2 being successful when they're resorting to just handing out the game, hoping some players get into it lol

JasonBloodbourne7d ago

There’s these things called micro transactions which I’m sure is helping them out mate.

CorndogBurglar6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

1. The free copies were only the base game. You would still have to purchase Forsaken, and now the annual pass to keep up with all the content that has been released since the base game.

2. You are talking about how you just got it a few months ago. Have you been playing it with all the latest content? There are tons of people online all the time, any day of the week. Which means they have all spent AT LEAST $40 for forsaken and $30 for the annual pass. That's not taking into account how many of them have been playing since the base game launched. If you take that into account then it looks something like this: Base game at launch: $60. 3 DLC's at $20 a piece = $60. Forsaken: $40. Annual Pass: $30. That's a total of $190 after only being out for one year, just to keep up with the newest content. Now, they could have purchased the season pass at launch and gotten the first DLC'S a little cheaper, like $10 cheaper. Sonic they did that, it's still $180.

3. The good news to this is that the current annual pass was $30. That covers all of the content that will release for 2019. So that at least cuts the price in half compared to last year's DLC prices.

4. All of that isn't even taking into account the Eververse MT's. People are idiots if they spend real money on that because it's all obtainable through gameplay. It's all random drops, sure, but if you pay real money it's still a random drops also. So you aren't doing yourself any favors by paying for that.

5. To reiterat: The community on Destiny 2 is absolutely huge. There are always tons and tons of people online playing at any time of day. It never takes long to matchmake for anything. Even Gambit matches, which you can only play if you have the most up to date content, which means a LOT of people have spent all the money Inmentioned above.

6. They only handed out the game for free because by then Forsaken was launching and the base game becomes 90% obsolete without Forsaken and the other DLC's. They knew that people would need to buy more if they wanted to keep playing. And if they chose not to, then who cares? They gave away the mediocre story campaign and some Strikes and a Raid to players that can't even play any of that stuff with the rest of the community that has moved on to the newer content. They were basically giving potential new players a free taste before charging them for the real content. do you have a hard time believing that Destiny 2 is making them money?

Spurg7d ago

Destiny 3 needs to take a break. We need another game from bungie.

Goldby7d ago

They did get an investment from Netease for 100m for a new ip

CorndogBurglar6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I agree, but not gonna happen. They make far too much money off of Destiny to take a break. In my opinion they should release Destiny 3. Then do a new IP. The alternate between IP's between releases.

Sophisticated_Chap7d ago

I just don't get what people see in this series. I bought the first one on PS3, and the gun play was okay, but everything else was lackluster. There was no storyline built into the game, so you had to go online to read about the lore. Beyond that, the game is just a grind for loot. What I did like however, were some of the multi-player maps, which played extremely well, but I still don't get why anyone would put hundreds or thousands of hours into this game.

Teflon027d ago

Nothings great about it. Just people grasping onto hope for a bungie title to be great. The biggest argument this series has is promise. But this so called promise has yet to be realized like 4 years later lol. I think they need to clip it and start fresh. Even if they want to retry the idea. Drop Destiny and refresh

CorndogBurglar6d ago

"Just people grasping onto hope for a bungie title to be great."

This doesn't even make sense.

You can't possibly believe that people putting between 500-1,000 hours of playtime into this game are just people "grasping onto hope for a bungie title to be great." That's just ridiculous. Is it so hard to believe that people have fun with this game? Obviously it is because you think it's just people grasping onto hope.

Lol. There is not a single person on Earth that would dump that kind of time and money into a game that they don't genuinely enjoy.

Rude-ro6d ago

The best FPS engine out there.
Anywhere from extremely easy to extremely hard activities.
The weapons.
The powers.
The fun with friends.
The pvp.
It’s like racing games... no story worth a lot, but it has an awesome lore created.
I mean, why is fortnite popular?
Every game has their attraction and most do not have anything to do with anything other than racing, football, shooter, rpg, etc

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