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Bradley Ramsey: "The original Unearthing Mars had a bit of an identity crisis on PlayStation VR. The story had potential, but the gameplay was fractured into too many different parts for it to feel like a cohesive whole.

One thing everyone did love was a short shooting section near the end of the title. The developers took this concept and expanded it into a full sequel with Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War. Does this new approach make for a fun rail shooter, or will this war be forgotten? Let’s find out."

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Rangerman120810d ago

Not as good as other rail shooters like Time Crises 1 + 2 and House of the Dead but definitely a lot better than the first game.

Venox20089d ago

its fun to play with aim has its flaws..but its a decent game..and yes, a big improvement over the first game

Joshua136d ago

The game's okay. Gameplay was fine, graphics were great, bosses were good and White Gun is cool but the human characters were flat, the plot is just as nonsensical as the first game, enemies can feel like bullet sponges, and environments can feel pretty samey. The soundtrack is an aquired taste. Unless you're one of those who liked MvC:Infinite's marvel theme, you'll find the soundtrack forgettable.

Also, replay value is lackluster. Score and difficulty barely rewards the player.