PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Switch: Which Had the Best Exclusives in Q4 2018?

Author writes "The busiest quarter of the year saw all three platforms received notable exclusives, but out of PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, which had the best?"

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Neonridr1103d ago

Sony and Nintendo had some solid titles.. poor Xbox.

3-4-51101d ago

Yea I'm still excited for the next Xbox though....I have to admit as an owner of all three, XB1 just didn't have a ton of games I wanted to play this gen that were exclusives.

The other problem for me though, which I may get hate for ( this is N4G after all), Is that even though PS4 had a ton of supposedly/ potentially awesome exclusives, I just couldn't get interested or in the mood to play most of them for some reason. A lot of the games just didn't appeal to me or I wasn't in the mood for that game type at that moment in time.

Nintendo has had some games I really loved, but then they don't have some of the 3rd party games I can play on XB1 or PS4.

XB1 is my go to machine for 3rd party as I like the controls better. I bought a PS4 as impulse buy because I have a PSP & Vita ( still getting through backlog on those and 3DS) I figured I'd buy my first PS console.

I'm extremely excited for the PS5, Next Xbox, and whatever Nintendo is cooking up next.

I just love video games so can't wait to see what the next couple years brings.

Neonridr1100d ago

owning multiple machines definitely ensures you have a wider net to catch all the great games.

Abnor_Mal1101d ago

XBwhahahaha, I can't... I can't, I tried but I can't.

The Wood1101d ago

I'm with you. . . . I will NOT be baited

oasdada1101d ago

What about Q1, Q2, Q3? Sony had exclusives for all the quarters

The Wood1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Wasn't Spiderman released in September?

My bad. . Last quarter not last third

DwightSchrute011101d ago ShowReplies(4)
S2Killinit1101d ago

Astro Bot is one hell if a platformer. Not to be missed. Im talking mascot level.

Ricegum1101d ago

I need to play this, heard amazing things about it and loved the original level when PSVR released.

S2Killinit1101d ago

Do. I highly recommend it. Its on another level.

Dragonscale1101d ago

Fantastic game. If you have psvr its pretty much mandatory.

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