Ridiculous ‘Waluigium’ petition aims to add Waluigi to the periodic table

Diehard Waluigi fans have worked hard to get almost 2,500 signatures on the Waluigium petition.

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deckardreplicant10d ago

Waluigi fanbase never disappoints

jasonator8310d ago

If you get him on the Periodic Table of elements then you will have to make him Smash Fighter, right?

meganick10d ago

Waluigi is the dumbest character ever invented.

awdevoftw10d ago

People on this planet get dumber by the month.

-Foxtrot10d ago

Jeez what's with everyone being p***** off with this? Seriously...why shouldn't he join Smash Bros? He's in every other game from party games, racing, tennis, soccer so why not Smash Bros, you know a game celebrating Nintendo's franchises and friends.

He's like the only character in the main Mario circle who is left to add, I mean even the piranha plant got a spot so having Waluigi is not going to ruin the franchise.