Activision's Out, Should Destiny Fans Be Scared?

Ed M writes: Well, that just happened. Bungie and Activision are divorcing and now Destiny is solely in the hands of Bungie.

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This is amazing news why would anyone be scared?

attilayavuzer782d ago (Edited 782d ago )

Because Bungie was responsible for all of the bad design choices. People just blamed Activision cause it was easy.

--Onilink--782d ago

Or because forcing a single developer to an annual release cycle is never going to be particularly helpful?

Sure they have made mistakes in design, but it sure as hell doesnt help when they inmediately have to start working on their next big anual release and can only leave a small team to change/fix things

There is no doubt that being alone can have its complications, like how they now wont have any help from other studios and giving them more time to release things can also lead to bigger gaps between content drops, but the positivies definitely outweight any potential negatives

Yes, bungie probably made several mistakes with destiny all on their own, but quite frankly, its also very naive to think that a publisher as big as activision couldnt/didnt have a direct impact on some design decisions. They will almost always push the developers to go in the direction they feel will generate the most revenue, even if that is not the idea the developer had.

AHall88782d ago

Careful, the Bungie fanboys will eat you alive for saying anything against their saviors.

OMGitzThatGuy782d ago

@Onilink Destiny 1 and 2 had 3 years between them. They were not annual releases. It's going to be a treat to see Destiny fans reactions when 3 is just as bad as 2 and there is no one but Bungie to blame.

--Onilink--782d ago


Yes.. 3 years between D1 and D2... and they also had to release Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King and Rise of Iron, all while somehow developing D2 and doing regular updates and events for D1


Considering their track record leading up to the Activision partnership, I'm very excited to see them go independent.

TekoIie782d ago (Edited 782d ago )


They have about 750 employees. If they can't commit to a persistent game universe with that much manpower while creating a successor then they were out of their depth and should've re-evaluated their product. Also the gameplay shares some of gameplay mechanics from Halo so it's clear that to some degree they were building off some of their previous work.

Let's be honest here. There's no way all of the blame can be pinned solely on Activision. It was both of them. Bungie in the end released a game which had quite literally no depth or substance in it's story. They had clips in promo footage that showed some sort of story but was mysteriously absent from the final release. I'm sure Activision can be blamed for some of it, but not all of it.

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AK91782d ago

No they should be overjoyed.

Smokehouse782d ago

Freeeeeeedooooommmm! /wallace

mister_zolos782d ago

its the best news i have read all year :P

WitcheRivia782d ago

It's not like it matters. Bungie had full control over the Destiny IP. Activision was only there for publishing. I don't think Destiny 3 will be any different but it could mean that Destiny 3 would release on more than just the Battlenet/Blizzard store (it could skip the Steam store though as it has been a trend that bad games are skipping Steam because of their pro-consumer refund policy).

Rachel_Alucard782d ago

What are you even writing? The only games skipping steam were thrown money by Epic to avoid Steam for a year. Whatever you claim is pulled out of thin air.

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