Dead or Alive 6 Gets New Screenshots and Trailer Showing Combat, Features, Nyotengu, and Phase 4

Following today's availability of the beta client for Dead or Alive 6, Koei Tecmo reached out with a press release including plenty more goodies.

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lillekolibri11d ago

Looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to play it!

CrimsonWing6911d ago

I'm back on board. Just don't SJW this game.

gamer780411d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Hoping a demo comes out with the option sliders, well have to wait and see, but bust sizes on certain chars seem definitely smaller.

Abriael11d ago

The demo came out today. They already said plenty of times that there won't be option sliders.

There's plenty of bounce anyway.

isarai11d ago


don't think it's going to be...

isarai11d ago

I think im REALLY going to like Diago

meka261111d ago

Christ this looks bad to me. Graphics are nice, voices suck should have kept japanese, and what's up with all this flashy crap being added to it. I liked DOA for being a simple fighter with counters, not a fan of this new one at all.

Abriael11d ago

It has both Japanese and English voices. And DOA has been flashy like this for ages.

meka261111d ago

Nah DOA was never about flashy stuff unless you count the explosion stages, but to me the best one was DOA4, that's the creator stopped, he said he realized his dream with DOA4 and didn't need to do anything else. This and 5 are shadows of their former selves for me, but to each their own.