Resident Evil 2 Demo Extend - How to Extend the Resident Evil 2 One Shot Demo Time

From GameWatcher: "Resident Evil 2 Remake is out soon, and the Resident Evil 2 demo is out today. However, it's only a one shot demo, meaning that you have only a limited time to play it. But is there a Resident Evil 2 demo extend method? How do you extend the Resident Evil 2 demo?

It'll be tricky, but we'll do our best to answer and show you how to extend the Resident Evil 2 demo. We're sure that hackers might have more direct methods... but for now, we'll go strictly legal..."

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Sonyslave39d ago

Have multiple psn account lol I bet that it.

ArchangelMike9d ago

"And we have a winner...!"

Yeah it was pretty obvious. I was hoping that there would be an optino to maybe delete the demo and save file and re-download it. I might try that anyway see if it works.

But I think it's silly having just 30mins to try the demo. I know it kind of a homage to fans of the original who would be familiar with the story /setting / controls etc etc. But it's more a frustration for new comers who would need a bit more time to settle in and get used to the pacing, and the movement etc. Afterall it's not meant to be a run-and-gun type of gaming experience, so why compell people to rush through and play it that way. They should have at least let you play through multiple times in 30minute timeslot and not jut "one shot". Seems like a shortsighted decision.

generic-user-name9d ago

In terms of gameplay, the remake is very different from the original.

jeremyj29139d ago

Did you retype all of that or copy it from your other reply about the demo?

pyroxxx9d ago

Did you try deleting safe data etc?? does it work? I almost don't want to start it because of this time crap,.

I don't mind time limitation,.. What I mind is not being able to replay it,..

KillBill8d ago

@generic-user-name - did you play the demo? Because I did and it is very similar gameplay to the original... just with better graphics.

RosweeSon8d ago

The time limit is homage to the original demo, which was also a timed demo of 30 mins difference was you could keep attempting that one my mate got so good he nearly finished the game in 30 mins? Ok not finished but he could smash pretty far by time he’d finished nailing that demo as I believe the whole game was there just no ones gonna get to the end in 30 mins lol
It’s good they even did a demo most don’t these days and 2 weeks before launch they could have got away with not bothering, cool lil bonus tho I suppose ;)

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Orionsangel9d ago

If you have Steam, PS4 and Xbox One like me you can attempt the demo three times

rawshack9d ago

Bet it first try in 20 mins party becouse I new the map from the original ps1 version

ButchKween9d ago

Going to check it out tonight already downloaded it, but oh my God I love survival horror and I explore EVERY nook and cranny in these games. so this is gonna be painful with that damn timer 😱 super excited!

TheEnigma3138d ago

Yeah it sucks. It took me 26 minutes to finish. The should has at least given an hour.

Orionsangel9d ago

If you have Steam, PS4 and Xbox One like me you can attempt the demo three times.

Miss_Vixen9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Or just use the crack trainer to bypass the time limit just like I did for the Steam version.

Can be found here

pyroxxx9d ago

I don't think the time is the problem,.. I just want to be able to replay it,.. without having to make a different account.

bunt-custardly9d ago

Oh damn why didn't I think of this. /s

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