Latest Yuzu Emulator Build Boosts Performance in Nintendo Switch Games by 40-100%

The latest 'Canary' build of the Yuzu emulator for PC managed to boost performance of Nintendo Switch games such as Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Pokémon Let's Go and others by 40 to 100 percent.

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Gemmol9d ago

Pc owners always want Nintendo games on their PC, they never work this hard for any other system

There was an article here posted a while back not sure if it was switch or Wii u but people donated thousands of dollars to someone to make the emulator, that's just dedication to getting Nintendo on PC........i respect it they know where the quality games at

ABizzel18d ago

They do work hard to emulate other consoles hence PS2 / PSP / Xbox / GC, it's just that Nintendo consoles are the easiest to emulate, because the hardware is either the weakest (Wii was basically a GC, and handhelds are a gen behind consoles), or the hardware is practically off the shelf (Switch) making it easier to emulate.

Gemmol8d ago

Those emulators came later, the switch basically had a go fund me for people to make a emulator, everyone donating money......never seen that for any other system

MoshA9d ago

Luckily we have gems like Okami and The World Ends With You that are so inferior on other platforms that I consider them Switch exclusives.

Princess_Pilfer8d ago

The Best version of the world ends with you is the DS version. The game was built for the dual screen gameplay, it's part of it's thematic point about how hard it can be to work with other people but how much better off you are if you do.

EddieNX 8d ago

Or you could just buy a Switch.
Emulating Switch is straight up theft and has no place on this site.

drizzom8d ago

No. Emulators themselves are not illegal. Roms and isos are.

DarXyde8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Their point is, right now, you're complaining about nothing . A Switch is useless without games.

An emulator of a device that is useless without games is useless without games.

If there will be roms and isos, you'll have a point. But emulation itself does not violate any laws. Even if you buy games but use the PC to emulate the hardware, that's legal.

I don't recall you retaining the same advocacy when PS3 and Xbox 360 were beginning to see serious emulation progress.

Euphemism8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Emulators exist only for one reason, to play old games. Nothing else .. , without the emu.exe you can't do jackshit with those old roms.

Preservation of old games is just an euphemism for piracy. What else are you going to do, with all the roms? Hoard them on your drive, for what reason?

Nah ... yall want to brag or seek some sort of satisfaction by playing a game not meant for the PC at 4k on your $2,500 Titan XP lol card.

Stop pretending, it's piracy ... they don't code an emulator just for giggles, they do it so ppl. can play console games at max. on their PC, preferred platform.

DarXyde8d ago


And yet emulators are LEGAL. That's the point being made. It only becomes illegal when games are pirated. I don't condone piracy, but emulating the hardware itself is nothing litigious.

I don't own a gaming PC. I do not benefit from this. Objectively and legally speaking, there is no legal recourse for having an emulator. I had a SEGA Saturn emulator--I used it exclusively to play a legal copy of Christmas Nights (meaning yes, I had to put a disc in) because the Saturn that I own cannot.

In case you're wondering, proprietary devices can be developed by the emulation community to utilize USB ports that can read Switch cartridges. It's not exclusively piracy.

One more thing: people do sometimes build emulators just to build them. Whether it's POC or wanting a challenge.

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Shinox8d ago

And from this i pretty much know that you are a braindead corporate slave idiot

EddieNX 8d ago

The Switch isn't an old console. If you can't afford to go buy one but would rather emulate it on your expensive PC you are an ass.

Shinox8d ago

See , that's how you feel and i know that from the very beginning .. your attachment to Nintendo forces you to feel defensive about their products , just say that you HATE the fact that there's an EARLY emulator for the switch . don't blame the emulation scene for that .. BLAME your beloved company for creating this bootleg new version of 3DS that can be plugged on a HDMI .

EddieNX 8d ago

This isnt about Nintendo. If you are emulating any new game on any new console you are thief and a detriment to the industry. Why should people play it for free whilst some of us pay hard earned cash.

Emulating old games is completely understandable.

I'm right here, no amount of downvotes from basement dweller neckbeards will change that.

Zenbaby3698d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Most people who emulate cant afford a new console and games... No detriment. Just salty money hungry companies and fanboys. Edit: I don't emulate anything but I do remember the struggle.

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Doge8d ago


You know nothing about the legality of emulation.

EddieNX 8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

But I know about the morality of emulating new games. It's wrong and you know it is.

Princess_Pilfer8d ago

I have a switch. Also I have a Wii U. And a PS1, and a PS2, and a Gamecube, and a Wii, and a PS3, and a Sega Genisis, and a SNES, and a N64, and a Gameboy Advanced, and a Nintendo DS, and a Nintendo 3DS, and a PSP and a PS Vita. I even have a Sega Gamegear.

I'd rather emulate all of the games I own on all of those systems, than play them on the actual system, in most cases. (Ie, in any situation where I don't need them to be portable.) Why? Better and/or more stable framerates than the original hardware, higher resolution so they don't look like blurry garbage, support for whatever controller I prefer to use, texture replacements so games like Xenoblade Chronicles don't have most of the environment look like mashed potatoes and food coloring, access to the original audio or uncensored versions for some japanese games, and very occasioncally even mods.

badz1498d ago


You should STFU about trying to label all emulation as theft. It's not. Emulation is legal unless they require copyrighted file like the PS2 emulator which is a bit in the grey area. But if you dump those files from the console you bought, it's still legal.

Same here, Switch emulation is 100% legal because no copyrighted files are used. And copyrighted or not, if you dump the games you bought to .iso or whatever, and use them with emulators, it's legal as well. It becomes illegal if you download it somewhere without paying or distribute the roms to others. So no, not all emulation is theft.

Plus, Nintendo only has themselves to blame for releasing an easy to hack and easy to emulate new console. They should have known better.

Princess_Pilfer7d ago

PCSX2 does not require you have any illegalor questionably legal files. Same as many emulators need you to dump the games from the relevant system onto a HDD, PCSX2 requires you to dump it's system files onto an HDD. (But once you have, of course, you can just physically put the games in your PC and they'll play, or you can rip them and play them from an iso)

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