Resident Evil 2 Demo's Biggest Problem Is Its Most Obvious One

Gadgets 360 says: " By creating a polished demo to pique our curiosity, Capcom is obviously looking to push pre-orders for the game, which is fair. Although our issues are with how it's been done. The entire get up — stellar presentation, refined controls, and elaborate environment strung together by annoying deadline for completion — makes the whole Resident Evil 2 demo experience feel like a roundabout and ultimately, blatant money grab. Timed demos are nothing new, it's something we've seen aplenty in this generation from online-only titles like Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, The Division, and Overwatch to name a few. But getting to grips with what they had to offer spanned days, not just 30 minutes. Surely Capcom could afford to be a little more generous with this just like it did with the demo for Resident Evil 7."

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PaleMoonDeath6d ago

Did we play the same game? Literally just finished it, it was a homage to the original RE2 demo on PS1, and was fantastic.

ArchangelMike5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I like the demo alot, and it has actually swayed me to get the game. However, I have to say that I agree with the article. I think it's silly having just 30mins to try the demo. I know it kind of a homage to fans of the original who would be familiar with the RE2 story /setting / controls etc etc. But it's more a frustration for new comers who would need a bit more time to settle in and get used to the pacing, and the movement, the environmental puzzles etc. Afterall it's not meant to be a run-and-gun type of gaming experience, so why compell people to rush through and play it that way. They should have at least let you play through multiple times in 30minute timeslots and not just "one shot". Seems like a shortsighted decision.

OtterX5d ago

I had played it at Lisbon Games Week back in November, and that was my same take away. I felt like I was being rushed through an experience that isn't supposed to be. The line of people behind me, the noise of the crowd completely ruined the experience too... but I could tell it was going to be great just from what I did play. I knew it would be different playing at home, in the dark with surround sound. Taking my time.

I've still yet to download this demo, but I think I'll just wait for the game's release since I already had that taste of the experience. It's a must buy. Really well done.

cooperdnizzle5d ago

Ehhhh it’s just to get you to want to buy the game. If you can’t get the hang of it in 30 mins that’s fine and I get where people are coming from, but this is a single player game they to sell. This is part of how you sell games. At least it’s not some multiplayer game.

NecrumOddBoy5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The one thing that I really liked about the Resident Evil 7 demo what is that even though it was kind of made off the final build, it was actually sort of a prologue to it and gave you context alongside time to familiarize yourself with everything. My mentality is that you want to enjoy the experience and I feel rushing through to meet the 30-minute timeline is a disservice to the game and the gamer. They should have built a demo exclusively designed to familiarize yourself with the controls and give you time to play without going into any spoilers or rushing.

Plus the Resident Evil 7 demo was designed to be replayed with multiple outcomes and even that bonus secret insane puzzle that I don't know how anyone even figured out to unlock the door and get the dirty coin.

Sirk7x5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

To be fair, in the original version, you did have to beat it in 3 hours or less with both characters under certain stipulations (limited saves and item usage) to get the Fourth Survivior scenario and see all the content the game had to offer.

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Orionsangel5d ago

If you have Steam, PS4 and Xbox One like me you can attempt the demo three times

patrickman5d ago

Just create multiple psn accounts to replay. Problem's solved.

KillBill4d ago

Did you not read the review? The issue was purely with the fact of the time limit making it feel like we couldn't enjoy the demo for fear of not finishing it before the 30 minutes was up. I myself found I was passing on reading anything or looking for clues to anything in the demo and thought I had to quickly bypass stuff I thought would hinder my ability to do something more during the limited time given.

PaleMoonDeath4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I did, and forgot about the said time limit. Even so, I'm grateful I even got to play anything given how close the release date is, it was a fantastic taster, I know I missed a few things in the demo but that's okay! I have the full game around the corner, also was a cool nod the the PSX RE2 demo, clever! just a taster session, not the meal. Not long now until we all get the full thing!

pasta_spice6d ago

I looked up some impressions on Reddit after playing the demo and I can't believe how many people are whining about the time limit. We're lucky we even had a chance to play the game in advance! A lot of games don't even have demos nowadays, and so many games don't even allow reviews to be released until the day it comes out. I'm just thrilled Capcom have enough faith in the RE2 demo that they think it will boost sales rather than put people off. I say they definitely succeeded!

PaleMoonDeath6d ago

Preach! a nice nod to the original PSX demo as well. Kids these days man.

yomfweeee5d ago

Gamers think they are entitled to everything nowadays. Kind of makes me sick. It just gets worse and worse.

Sm00thNinja5d ago

Games are getting more expensive. I'm spending my hard earned dollars give me the best possible experience. With the game industry being larger than the movie and music industry gamers have a right to demand the highest quality to some degree

xX-oldboy-Xx5d ago

SmOOthNinja - turn it up mate. Did you pay for the demo? Movies and games are both forms of entertainment. A movie - whilst it can be enjoyed multiple times, usually last a few hrs. Games offer heaps more value, so your hard earned money goes further.

yomfweeee5d ago

You can demand quality games. If you want to demand free demos exactly to your liking, you're an entitled gamer who thinks he is owed something.

L7CHAPEL5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

How is it entitlement, to want to play through a demo at a reasonable Pace, to be able to discover /explore with the controls/settings and all the other aspects of a game, before I make a purchase?

I'm really enjoying the fact that it's viewed as some sort of "privilege" they're granting us, when they're trying to sell you a product.
they're not doing you any favors by selling you a product, no one is.
they stand to benefit the most from allowing people to make a full judgment, based on their interaction with this small slice of it.

is it entitlement, if I want to drive a car before I purchase it ?
If people aren't satisfied enough to make a decision after playing it, they've only wasted the time and money to create the demo to begin with.
Everyone plays at a different pace,
if the demo ends after 30 minutes, and you can play multiple times, fine.
but if I can only play it once, and it's for 30 minutes?
I don't know if that'd be enough.
I usually play any demo a couple of times, before making a decision.
Ultimately the benefit goes to them with sales.
No matter how good it is, a remaster or rebuild of an old game, isn't first priority as far as a new day one release purchase.
a lot of games out there, and a lot of games coming up, that I HAVEN'T
PLAYED before.
just sayin'...

Shinox5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Do you realize that the opposite thing is happening nowadays YOU IDIOT , i'm so sick of those filthy casuals who likes modern shit and think they are above everyone .

Pennywise1385d ago

Games are not getting more expensive. If anything you could look at it as they are getting cheaper and I’m very surprised the cost of games haven’t gone up. 60 dollars became the set price for a new game at the start of the ps3 Xbox 360 era back in 2005 and haven’t changed in almost 14 years. Since then games have only gotten more advanced and more expensive to make not to mention inflation. 25 years ago some Super Nintendo games like street fighter 2 cost 80 dollars and again that’s not counting inflation. Not sure the exact conversion but that be well over 80 dollars by today’s standards.

yomfweeee5d ago

It's entitlement because the timed demo is what they wanted to offer, but you all are crying about it. They owe you nothing. They gave you something, you cry how they gave it to you.

P_Bomb5d ago

I don’t know where you live but in Canada games have 100% gotten more expensive.

A decade ago they were $59.99. They’ve been $79.99 for a few years now. Years. And they didn’t get any cheaper when the Cdn dollar was higher than the American one either.

DLC and season passes? 100% have gotten more expensive. Look up last gens Modern Warfare map packs and compare to today’s. Hell, Modern Warfare Remastered not only didn’t include the DLC but charge more for it now than they did a decade ago.

Same applies to collectors editions, deluxe editions, PS+ subscriptions have gone up in price while losing PS3 & Vita games soon. You know what doesn’t go up as fast? My wage.

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DrumBeat5d ago

Making you rush through a demo means you can't really fully appreciate the sliver of game you're given to see if it's right for you. No time to think. Just frantically pick up clips and blast your way back to the main hall.

Adexus6d ago

Isn't a throwback to the original RE2 demo with the time limit? I just played it and I took my time but didn't get to finish the chapter which I'm fine with, it's a nice teaser for the full game and you get a great idea of how it plays, which is that it plays very well.

PaleMoonDeath6d ago

Exactly this! I forgot about the time limit in my playthrough, came up 23 minutes, only difference for the actual game is I'm going in on the most difficult setting, I had two healing items and 15+ bullets left, I adored the feel, and I could not tell if a zombie was "dead" or not, literally chomped after I downed the first zombie haha!

Adexus6d ago

Nice! Think I'll avoid the higher difficulties on my first run through and see how hard it is first...

NapalmSanctuary5d ago

The original RE2 demo had no time limit. Where the hell are yall getting this from?

KyRo5d ago

Yes it did. If I remember correctly it was about 10 minutes long. It's was great and encouraged speed running to see just a few seconds more of what the game could offer.

NapalmSanctuary5d ago

Maybe you got some weird version of the demo that had a 10 min time limit. I'm talking about the demo that came with the Resident Evil Director's Cut. It had no time limit. It ends when you go towards the back corner of the S.T.A.R.S. office and Ada shoots at you. I just played it the other day.

If you need proof, here you go. There is way more than 10 mins play time on this run.

Orionsangel5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Sort of, the first section outside with the fire and convenience store and bus is missing. This demo starts where you meet the black cop. That place where the statue and lion puzzle is.

PapaBop5d ago

Not a fan of the time limit either but tbh, I was sold in the first five minutes and don't want to spend too much time on the demo anyway as I want to wait to experience the whole thing. Sucks for those who are bothered by it but I'm sure it's possible to just create a second account and play it off that.

xX-oldboy-Xx5d ago

It's also possible to wait for the full release, it ain't far away. Surely enjoying a snippet for 30min is enough to sway most people.

Kabaneri5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"Timed demos are nothing new, it's something we've seen aplenty in this generation from online-only titles like Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, The Division, and Overwatch to name a few."
NO its not the same, because those games had betas that you could play all that you wanted as long as the beta period lasted. This is a one time thing.