Mad Box Final Design Chosen by Ian Bell

Today the company’s CEO seems to have decided what the final look of the platform will be.

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Crazyglues12d ago

Ok this just got really interesting, that design looks amazing, I'm not even going to lie.... wow

darthv7212d ago

I mean... it's a neat mock-up but they couldn't even pencil in where they think the ports and connections are going to be? External power brick perhaps?

Elwenil12d ago

Are you kidding? It looks like it was designed by the same asshole that designs those triple-decker wings for import cars.

KickSpinFilter12d ago

Are you referring to rice burners?

Elwenil12d ago


Well, some people refer to imports with that name, but having built pretty much everything automotive except a street rod or a motorcycle, I prefer to just leave it at import since I like just about all types of vehicles. But that said, anything can be taken too far and some of the wings and body kits that were designed at the height of the import craze were beyond stupid, but I have seen things just as ugly for Mustangs and similar domestic cars.

jelloaceomega12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Who knows people bought in to the DXracer gaming chairs fad, and the ergonomics is not even really design for long hours, and its just fancier office chair.

Elwenil12d ago


I actually own a DXRacer chair, but it's a Classic Series, which is an actual desk chair and not one of the Sparco knock-offs mounted on casters.

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Christopher12d ago

You guys are giving way too much attention to what could come out like the Ouya.

King_Noctis12d ago

Fail or succeed, I think most people are just happy that we might see the emergence of a fourth alternative.

Fanboys on the other hand...

porkChop12d ago

It's definitely going to fail. All it has going for it is apparently power. It won't have much first party support, and it won't be cheap.

kneon12d ago


Adding yet another platform isn't really beneficial. If the big developers really do support it then that just makes games even more expensive to produce, every platform added increases the costs, and we know who ends up paying for that. If a new platform could broaden the market so that they could sell more then those costs would be covered, but I doubt that adding yet another platform is going to do that in any meaningful way, if it sells it's just going to sell to the same group of people that already play on one or more of the other platforms.

rainslacker12d ago

That just makes the failure all the more impressive.

Although, I'm still not sure what this "console" is supposed to be. Would be interesting if they actually make it into a viable, competitive console. But knowing most things like this with such ambition, it'll be too niche, and likely not go anywhere.

If it ends up being like the PC-Engine was though, it could be a nice little system with some decent support you don't see elsewhere, but so far, this dev hasn't seem to really be in tune with how to make a consumer level product that can be mainstream enough to be successful.

anonymousfan12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

That box is gonna need one hell of a secret sauce to e even get mediocre sales once it hits the market but I am intrigued. I wish them success and in the meantime I'll sit back pull out a long chair and a cold one.

whothedog11d ago

Remember Steam Machines, it is going to go that route.

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Relientk7712d ago

I like the design, looks cool.

kneon12d ago

I think it looks cheesy. But more importantly, this is all just marketing, you don't design the case until you know what's going in it.

neocores805512d ago

But how.. When xbox X dev kits were shown people freaked seeing the LED screen on front lol. Now its a problem because its not from a main company

Vits12d ago

That is a far better design than the other one.
But, I'm still skeptical about the console overall.

Neonridr12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Pretty sleek looking machine. Love that the front of the unit is a screen that displays what you are currently doing.

staticall12d ago

What is the official currency of Mad Box - Madbux?