Revealed: The Greatest Console Generation Of All Time

A question that has been answered umpteen times and yet people still come to different conclusions on which was the best console generation?

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porkChop10d ago

"How would Sony react to the Xbox? By releasing a game changer of a console."

The PS2 released a year earlier. That's not a reaction.

shinoff218310d ago

Maybe I missed it but I didnt see that said anywhere in the article

porkChop9d ago

Yeah, the whole article has been updated a bit and they removed that part.

darthv727d ago

Personally, my favorite is the 4th gen. I've been gaming since the late 70's and the 16bit generation was hands down the best for me. Genesis was truly a name that meant what it did. it was a new beginning for gaming at the time. TG16, SNES even the arcade-at-home prowess of the Neo Geo.

It was also the advent of making CD technology more involved with the TGCD, Sega CD and the canceled SNES CD (that later went on to becoming the PS) the Neo Geo CD and even the CDi. 2D side scrollers, action platformers, beat-em-ups, fighting games and (my favorite) space ship shooters.