Monthly Waves of NES Games are Triggering Monthly Complaints About Switch Online

Every time Nintendo posts a YouTube video about its NES games for Switch Online, it gets more thumbs down than thumbs up. Some Switch owners are clearly unhappy with how the paid online service is going so far, but they’re not all in agreement about what it is they’re complaining about. That’ll make it a difficult problem to solve.

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eagle2110d ago

Understandably so. Stop drip feeding NES games and hurry up with at least some SNES games this year. Where's Punch-Out!, Rad Racer, the original Contra, Duck Tales, Mega Man 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, R.C. Pro Am, Kung Fu, T&C Surf Design, Marble Madness, Tetris, Paperboy, etc? And that was just off the top of my I was happy Ninja Gaiden and Metroid was released but about 10 more should of released with it.

All they really had to do was release two legendary games each from the NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube for launch (8 freakin' games with online play for all 8) and Nintendo fans would be at least comfortable knowing all the super classic systems had games coming for them. Just 8 games would have made everyone happy and patient. Now it feels like an uphill climb to ever get to GameCube.

PhoenixUp9d ago

How long does Nintendo think it can actually placate subscribers with nothing but NES games?

Codewow8d ago

$20 a year. Stop whining like entitle brats.nintendo is new to this modern style of online. They’ll improve over time. Just like Sony did with PSN. And if you can remember that far back. It was pretty lack luster when it was free.

RosweeSon8d ago

That and people were happy to pay £40+ a year for Xbox live for the last 10-15 years purely to play online and get demos a week early as until 4-5 years ago the free games weren’t an option either, we can all thank Sony for that and be glad that Microsoft despite their best efforts caved in and also started offering free games, they wouldn’t have done otherwise. Nintendo will have SNES games by the summer