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Resident Evil 2 (PS4 Pro) demo review. Game OK, demo disappointing.

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goodwin10d ago

>What I loved was how much the zombies could be chopped off.
Isaac would be proud.

criticalkare10d ago

Cant find the demo on ps store guess its not updated yet?

cellfluid9d ago

Just go to live from PlayStation on the home screen menu then type in resident evil 2 look and see Who's streaming it (it doesn't matter region) select streamer when the stream opens up go to where it says go to store you will be routed to the ps store where the demo is available download it and enjoy!!!!!

Vandamme219d ago

The demo was awesome...I can’t wait for the full game

Agent_00_Revan9d ago

Same. 30 mins wasn't enough. I want to keep playing!

cha0sknightmare9d ago

I was really impressed. I played it with decent headphones and the lights off and it definitely got the ol' heartbeat going.

ClayRules20129d ago

Awesome. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I’m downloading the demo now. So anxious to play it.

AK919d ago

Loved the demo was a perfect recreation of the police precinct from the original, it evokes the fear I got from RE7 as well.

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