eSports Versus "Regular" Sports (What's the Difference)

It may seem like "regular" sports are very different from modern eSports, but are they really? Looking back at the roots of modern competitive sports will show striking similarities to the emergence of eSports in the world today.

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ziggurcat10d ago

playing video games isn't a sport. and why in the hell is actual sports in quotation marks?

Segata8d ago

Yes, there is a massive difference. A football player risks breaking their neck playing and is in tip-top physical shape. I watched as teammates leg snaps like a twig and the bone rip out of his flesh. Yet the only thing he cared about was playing again ASAP. The training is insane. Hell esp in training camp. You will sweat, You will bleed, You will puke. You will pop joints out of place and may even break something more than once. When the final regular season game is over you will know if the sacrifice was worth it. Playing video games isn't a sport. A person sitting in a fake race car chair drinking Redbull with a potbelly isn't an athlete and it takes an athlete to play a sport.

computeSci8d ago

How come eSport can't be its own word? A sport does not have the same meaning as eSport correct?

ErikTwice7d ago

I'm actually told that "eSport" is actually trademarked :/ Bummer

Arty848d ago

Video games are not a sport stop deluding yourselves

Kainbrightside8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I don't consider videogames a sport but they do share a commonality that a sport plays a game so in that regard they're similar. The main difference is the amount of physicality involved. However whomever wrote this article definitely wins 2019's semantics award so far.

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