Tales Producer Wants to Evolve Stories and Characters in New Games; Aims for Worldwide Releases

Many fans of the Tales series are wondering about the future of the franchise, and Producer Yusuke Tomizawa gave a few hints on what you can expect.

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FallenAngel19846d ago

Worldwide releases is a great strategy moving forward

TheGamez1006d ago (Edited 6d ago )

My God Vesperia feels amazing and it has that classic tales feel that Ive missed from these games for years. Graces-berseria just cannot compare and give that feeling. Wish theyd just go back to that visual style, combat style and make storytelling good in their games again...

Vits6d ago

Honestly I'm a bit worried about Tomizawa taking over the position of producer for Tales franchise. His previous work was on the God Eater and SAO franchises, both of it I would consider worse than the currently Tales series. He also stated that he will focus on making more remakes and remasters, that while a good thing (Tales of Vesperia looks fantastic) is also not very exciting after the huge improvement that Berseria was over Zestiria.

Well, there are good things about him as well, like his love for console games over mobile and his aim for worldwide releases. So maybe he will ended up being a good change for the series.

PhantomS426d ago

Bring it. You release Tales, I buy no questions asked. Can't wait to see what the brand new game that they have been working on for Switch will be like.

patterson6d ago

I didn’t play the original version but always heard good things so looking forward to picking this one up.

I like the fact that one of the special guests (in the picture above) is named “Fruitcake” 🤣