Bungie Going Solo With Destiny Has Fans Rejoicing

Bungie quickly becomes gaming's most popular bachelor.

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I'd like to see them return to former glory. This was the only chance of that happening. Very excited to see what their next game is like (while also cautiously optimistic).

Tankbusta408d ago

I don't know why anyone believes this is going to make destiny any better. Bungie is a shadow of its former glory from the Halo days.. Destiny 3 will be DLC heavy(with sections walled off to those who don't purchase them) and full of microtransactions

The 10th Rider8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Plus Activision had support studios that assisted Bungie with making Destiny content.

I think it will be a good thing for Bungue if they decide to branch out and make something else, but if they keep up focusing on Destiny I can't see it ending well.

beulahland8d ago

I would say "let people have fun and enjoy things", but we have already watched this movie.