Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is The Climax of New FromSoftware Lineup Trailer

FromSofware traditionally releases annual trailers recapping its history, and today they launched a new one, culminating with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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MoshA1962d ago

When they make exclusives. Dark Souls 1 was an exception that won't happen again.

1962d ago
starchild1961d ago

What in the world are you talking about? Most of their games have not been exclusives and they have been just as amazing. From Software have an impressive ability to create evocative settings and incredible gameplay mechanics. They are easily one of my favorite developers.

meganick1961d ago

Dark Souls 1 is the best of all the Souls games.

1961d ago
Asuka1961d ago

Just report this guy. His account isn't that old so it is likely someone's alt and if you read his comment history it's literally all garbage.

Sirk7x1961d ago

Scholar of the First Sin and DS3 are both excellent games as well though.

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MASTAN1NjAH1962d ago

This looks way better then bloodborn, can’t wait fo this !

NarutoFox1962d ago

After looking at your comment history, you would say that.

thepetedog1962d ago

Found the guy who’s never played ‘bloodborn’

starchild1961d ago

I don't think it looks "way better" than Bloodborne, but I do think Sekiro has the potential to be their best game yet. For me the setting and variety of strategies you can use to take out your enemies entice me more than any of their other recent games.

Movefasta19931961d ago

it looks better than any souls game period, I like how you singled out bloodboren tho, suspicious.

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Leeroyw1962d ago

Thought I was missing it somehow. Nope. Not there.

MajorLazer1962d ago

No Demon's Souls either. Guessing they didn't include any exclusives in the trailer

CaitSith1962d ago

Deracine is an exclusive.

Obscure_Observer1962d ago

They didn´t show Demon Souls and Bloodborne because those are Sony IPs.

Veneno1962d ago

Wow that trailer makes me want to play their way earlier games!

The Wood1961d ago

Try 3d dot game hero's if you ever get the chance. . Cracking little title