Former CEO Mike Morhaime Departing Advisor Role at Blizzard in April

According to an SEC filing, former CEO Mike Morhaime will be departing Blizzard Entertainment on April 7, 2019. After stepping down from the CEO role, he stayed on in an advisory capacity that will soon come to a close.

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-Foxtrot1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

"I advise you all to make a Diablo mobile will be really well received"...

PapaBop1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

Smart, get a life raft before the ship sinks.

UCForce1009d ago

Well, it’s seem Activision is sinking ship.

BlahBlahWhatever1009d ago

Blizzard is going downhill more & more the past years, Activision seem to be in charge now & everyone knows this is the main reason they haven't made anything worth playing since4ever, there was a time many years ago that Blizzard considered pioneers & gamers waited patiently to play everything & anything they are putting out because they knew it's going to be good & fun!, well that time is long gone, now they only make generic, uninspiring, boring games & they even ruin past series that fans love to death without care in the slightest, the Blizzard we once loved have die long ago, the best thing anyone can do is to forget them, that's what I did, there is companies out there who can took their place that have talented devs full of imagination & thirst to produce good games, Blizzard had it's time now it's time for new people to lead the industry.