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Adam from GamesReviews takes a look at Fallout 76 a few months after launch? Has it improved?

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Crazyglues1222d ago

No, it's actually worst then the reviews have been saying.... LoL

william_cade1222d ago

A "rent it" score means the game sucks to me. Why would I rent something just to cancel out every thing I had gained? It's a bit different than an SP title where experience ends after some time (for most games, I still play Bloodborne), but renting an mmo would be silly. Maybe try a demo, but rent it?

artistadam1222d ago

even with some of its faults, it's a still fun game to play... it's not the dumpster fire the gaming community tried to convince everyone into believing, there's a lot of fun to be had if you're a fan of fallout 4's build... its 2 months later and i still play this at least 3-4 nights a week... griefing is non-existent, and it's fun with friends, or new friends you meet while exploring :)...

LrryLegend1220d ago

I'm having fun with it too. I just wish I didn't want to hoard everything. Once I learn to let go and not keep everything I pick up I think I'll have even more fun with it. I can't make up where to put my camp either.. I'm level 22 and I keep using the Overseer's camp. : )

Mutant-Spud1220d ago

In the early stages put it near water and set up a couple of purifiers, I found that a big help, there are a few good spots around Flatwood.

Mutant-Spud1220d ago

Once you get past about level 30 and get your perks really working for you the game opens up significantly, I haven't had any negative experiences with griefers and pests either, on the rare occasion that I have run into other players they've either ignored me or the interaction has been positive.

chris2351222d ago

still advertizing this ToaS? wow...

Kirby9871221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

Fallout 76 isn’t as different from its predecessors as some would have you believe. Many of its systems and core gameplay make a return, albeit with a few tweaks, and not without the Fallout