Here’s Your First Look at the Mortal Kombat 11 Box Art Cover

Greysun M writes: Ed Boon took to Twitter to reveal the box art cover for Mortal Kombat 11.

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Switch4One11d ago

Yay! Haven't seen Scorpion on the cover in a while

CobraKai10d ago

X had Scorpion on the cover and 9 had both Sub Zero and Scorpion.

Switch4One10d ago

You guys seriously want me to add the obvious /s??

BizarroUltraman10d ago

What? He's on the digi cover of X.

Switch4One10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

He's been on the last 3 covers including this one. I know he's Boon's favourite character but I'm tired of seeing his mug all the damn time.

Champion of the elder gods my backside!
Subzero forever!

chris23510d ago

ugly, like the whole franchise. perfect fit.

adamwparker10d ago

Thanks Ed!
For everything you've given us.

Now go to those guys who make those 1-UP mini arcade cabinets and tell them they can't release the MK/MK2 licensed cabinet if they are using the same cheap joysticks that were used on the Street Fighter cabinets.

They are TERRIBLE and ruin the game. Nothing like SF2 was in the arcade.

I want to buy he MK cabinet this February when it's supposedly out, but definitely not if those bad joysticks are in there.

What were they thinking?

Hellbound197810d ago

I'll have one of these day one but I'll definitely be tracking down some bat-style sticks if it comes with ball-top sticks.

Hellbound197810d ago

I'll never turn down a new MK but, I still hold out hope that a MK HD remaster of the first three games will rise from the dead in some form. I just wanna play some old school digitized goodness with a fresh coat of paint. I miss the classic simple style of the first two, back before everything became over complicated.

Majin-vegeta10d ago

Best bet would be PC and downloading the fan project one

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