Resident Evil 2 Demo: How To Download Resident Evil 2 Demo, What Is The Download Size?

Resident Evil 2 demo is available now if you follow the steps listed in this guide. The demo can be downloaded on the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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TheUberAsian9d ago

Demo isnt available on US PS Store yet.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart9d ago

it is for me but it won't let me download it. Anyone else having any issues?.

Gaming1019d ago

Just go to free section, scroll right twice, you'll see an RE2 box with all the free to play games. It will say "1 shot demo" and you click that to download on PS store. I'm in Canada and I just did it so should work in US.

cellfluid8d ago

Follow my instructions in the comment i left above

cellfluid8d ago

Yes it is look @ my comment above 4 instructions

Gamer24by79d ago

not available for PC as well

ExplodingJuice9d ago

Make a Overseas account. A good one to have is a Hong Kong account. Games are really cheap thanks to currency conversion and in English. Played the demo last night and it was great.

Ready4nxtgen9d ago

Why did u get a downvote? How much cheaper are games?

ExplodingJuice9d ago

I dont know why. This is N4G. People are dumb.

As for the games, they are usually $10 cheaper and then there is usually a 10% discount floating around. It sure beats the US PSN prices. It is how I get my digital games on the cheap.

masterfox9d ago

Damn demo lasted only 30 min but in that small timeframe I can easily say it really felt like a true Resident Evil game, the suspense and tension walking the dark corridors while the atmosphere sounds kicking in was so damn good for me was kind of nostalgic :D, find lots of different puzzles in that small time frame, the environments, lightning effect super detailed it adds so much to the game, no loading screens scenarios between going to an area to another, and yes you will have to use your resources carefully like the good old days, ammo, green herbs(didn't find any spray aid kit), no auto heal regeneration, freaking zombies damn real zombies are back and scarier than ever no longer a damn jokes! or super power demon "zombies" who likes to tell jokes like in RE 7. Seriously I wanted to keep playing hell more but it ended so fast!, this what a true evolution of a legendary Classic of RE since the old PS1 I was been waiting for.

Btw I was playing in a PRO and the demo was running at 60 fps :)

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The story is too old to be commented.