What Should PlayStation Do to Replace E3 2019?

Sony will not be attending E3 2019, which means the dynamics of this year are going to be very different for PlayStation. The platform holder, after being criticised for an extended period of silence, has promised that it’s going to reconnect with fans over the coming months – but how exactly it intends to go about doing that remains murky.

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isarai10d ago

Playstation Experience?

Obscure_Observer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


"Playstation Experience?"

They also skipped PSX 2018 so who knows. Besides, they need to do something around E3 2019. It would be very weird to see both Switch and Xbox gamers happy with new/upcoming games and features while PS4 gamers would have nothing to talk about.

I expect Sony to follow Nintendo on this with some online direct show around E3´s time in case money to make a big show/event is the issue.

TheColbertinator9d ago

PSX and hit up other yearly events like Paris Games Week,Gamescon and TGS in greater force. Sony has the advantage of being unpredictable this year.

Nintendo changed the game with Direct. Uninterrupted gameplay and announcement video directly from Ninty to bring out interest. Then let internet hype and podcasts spread the word around like wildfire.

mkis0079d ago

As long as they do something to quench the thirst between now and E3 they can do what they want. I will say by the end of psx 2019 we will know what to expect from ps5.

Im still thinking they will do something right after Days gone is out. Once they can focus on The Last of Us 2 without overshadowing DG, we will see The Last of Us 2 brought out again on ps5.

Someplay9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

"What Should PlayStation Do to Replace E3 2019?"

Continue doing great games because that is enough advertisement to make Sony's Playstation worldwide known?