Can We Please Get Another Dead Space Game?

Although EA shut down Visceral Games in 2017, it is still possible for someone to make a new Dead Space game.

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FallenAngel198410d ago

It wouldn’t be Dead Space without Visceral

isarai10d ago

Not only that, i'd hate to see what modern EA does to it when they get their greedy hands in it

bigmalky8d ago

Battle Royal, survivor mode with micros and cosmetics. Campaign on par with the boring SWBFII snorefest as a tag on to lure fans of the series.

Kornholic8d ago

Dead Space 3 already happened, man. It was EA'd to death.

annoyedgamer8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

If you played Dead Space 3 you got a small taste of it.

PhantomS428d ago

As if what EA did to Dead Space 3 wasn't bad enough!

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Smokehouse8d ago

Agreed. Visceral couldn’t be visceral under EA either. That’s why the franchise was ruined.

Ceaser98573618d ago

I hear DEAD SPACE creator is making an independent studio and he wants to return to Horror games. The Initiative (MS) head congratulated him.

ramiuk18d ago

loved all of them,what a series and imo nothing like it since

prankster1018d ago

This series needs a remaster. Maybe release it as a box set?

annoyedgamer8d ago

That's about the only thing that EA can make without ruining it. However given AAA publishers reluctance to remaster older and superior titles, a remaster would be unlikely.

DarXyde8d ago

Unlikely, sure, but not out of the question.
They did it with Burnout Paradise, a remaster I'm not sure anyone was asking for.

Given how loved Dead Space is and the fact that EA is good and well losing their value steadily, they're going to need to curry favor with gamers.

Would they take a risk and release a new game people might hate... or remaster an established game to play it safe?

Never say never is all I'm saying.

awdevoftw8d ago

Nah. I couldn't see another being made. Redo the trilogy, and see how it goes.

Lord_Sloth8d ago

I don't want anybody that isn't Visceral making it. I'd rather it stay dead than change hands as horrible as that is to say.

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The story is too old to be commented.