PS5 and Next Xbox To Be Revealed At E3 2020, Will Be Traditional Consoles, Says IDC Analyst

IDC analyst Lewis Ward believes that current gen systems still have a couple years of life left in them.

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LeeFender11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Lol no. It will be happening this year.

lxeasy11d ago

lol no it will happen last year.

seanpitt2311d ago

Sony are not even going to have a conference at E3 this year. They will do a Sony conference themselves like they did in Feb 2013 when they announced ps4

BizarroUltraman10d ago

nah they taking a PS4 Pro approach

jukins10d ago

Lol they not taking the ps4pro approach. They gonna just like the og ps4 reveal. The pro reveal was kinda laid back more of a technical presentation and explanation.

The ps5 reveal, like the ps4 reveal, is gonna be a huge spectacle.

DarXyde10d ago

I agree.

It's too early to call it a trend, but I suspect Sony will make it a tradition to release The Last of Us during console transitions. So if it is true that The Last of Us Part II will release this year, i expect an announcement this year.

For me, some pieces are falling into place suggesting a release or announcement for PS5, at least. Here's my prediction...

Sony is skipping E3 because they're planning their own event. I suspect they will partner with AMD again and be a showcase for Navi. It makes sense because (1) I cannot imagine AMD would release such an underwhelming product in the Radeon VII and that's their big move this year and (2) since we've not really heard about a meeting happening in February, I suspect Sony is coming full force mid year. Makes sense: take wind out of E3's sail and the venue is exactly what they want it to be. Of course, this assumes Sony will NOT walk into PS5 with arrogance. I'm hoping the transition to PS5 is as golden as PSOne to PS2.

As for Microsoft, I expect them to hold their console back a year or so to announce something with better specs, but they may also drop the price of One X, introduce a streaming platform for this year, then release something traditional next year. I have no confidence in my predictions for Microsoft, but I know Xbox Live will not be free.

darthv7210d ago

Radeon VII is underwhelming???

Tech510d ago (Edited 10d ago )

darthv72 - "Radeon VII is underwhelming???"

it's debatable. it's powerful but also has no new features from the console upgrades. it's also too expensive to put in a console within the next year. It's a $700 GPU!!!! likely this won't even be the same Navi GPU to make it to consoles.

Dlacy13g10d ago

well... technically its free now. Xbox Live is free.... but Xbox Live Gold costs.... just like Playstation online vs Playstation Plus.

DarXyde10d ago


As a gaming GPU? Yes, I would say so. I have no idea why they chose to prioritize HBM2, knowing that'd drive up the cost. It seems like they were going for a workstation setup.

It does pretty well with Devil May Cry V in 4K, sure, but you can get an RTX 2080 for the same price with ray tracing. It doesn't really offer any comparable features and the RTX 2080 is comparably powered. As graphics cards improve, there will be a limit to the quality of visual fidelity. Nvidia actually doesn't seem to be focused on graphics so much anymore, but features to improve immersion (RT, DLSS).

I prefer AMD over Nvidia big time, but VII really isn't the right answer to the competition in my opinion.

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rainslacker10d ago

Wonder why the analyst believe that E3 is the go-to conference for revealing these consoles. The next gen consoles are going to be a big deal for many. The audience is big enough for gaming now that having a conference just for that is feasible, and even preferable, as it allows for all eyes to be on the reveal, instead of being spread out over the rest of the news from a conference. A reveal at E3, or other conference, also detracts from all that other news at conferences, which is also not great for the rest of the industry there.

As to the year, 2020 is more likely. Sony still has games to release this year, and likely into next, and they aren't going to cut PS4 sales before their time. PS5 likely isn't releasing this year, so no reason to announce it this year.

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Relientk7711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I think it will be happening sooner. This year especially with Sony not going to E3 2019. Sony will throw their own event where they are front and center in the spotlight. Just like the PS4 reveal event.

EddieNX 11d ago

Seems like yesterday Mark Cerny was saying "8GB of GDDR5!!!!"

It's still to early. There's still life in the current gen. Another 2 years.

BizarroUltraman10d ago

Seeing as most games are gonna have backward and forward compatibility. It doesnt matter

EddieNX 10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

U just assumed that though, might not be the case at all.

Sony is taking it in with PS4. No need to rush out the PS5. Especially when we have the Pro and the X there is still a good 2 years of this gen left. Were just past the 5 year mark. PlayStation's don't last 5 years, more like 7.

JackBNimble10d ago

If sony doesn't announce ps5 by feb or march then I wouldn't expect it this year.
I'm guessing holiday 2020

fyiir2310d ago

It's not happening this year

kalkano11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Sony's going to announce PS5 at E3...even though they're not going to be there...?

Edit: Oh, wait, 2020. Yeah, they're definitely announcing it in 2019.

OmnislashVer3611d ago

The only issue I see is that Vega 7nm was only 35% more powerful than Vega 14nm.

Even if we apply this logic to say Xbox One X's specs at 6 TFLOPS+35%, we'll come out with around 8.1 TFLOPS for $499 not including whatever loss Sony will take for a larger HDD and increased RAM.(unsure what the TFLOPS difference is exactly obviously since it's not released- just going by their benchmarks, however, I've heard TSMC's 7nm was more like 10nm in actuality which could be the culprit)

I'm not sure what improvements they can make in the meantime or if Navi can make serious improvements to 7nm, however, AMD has stated 7nm is their jump for the next few years: people that were expecting 16TFLOPS for $399 are going to be in for a rude awakening. I'd be prepared for a little more than half that for $499.

mcstorm10d ago

Yeah next gen when ever it happens will be intresting but for me due to now have a little I've found myself moving to pc. I have a dell laptop I acquired from work and it has a Xeon processor with a strong nvidia graphic card ssd and 32gb of ram I never used it for gaming as I just used it for video editing ect but with ms moving big games like forza to Windows 10 I thought ide give it a go and been nothing but impressed with how it's handled games like forza horizon 4 SoT gears and others I've tried like fifa, mgs.

Its strange I never thought ide become a pc gamer but looks like I'm going over this gen and be intresting to see if i go back when the new gen comes out or stick with pc.

Looking forward to see where gaming goes next though I still don't think vr will be the way but a you never know.

bluefox75510d ago

I think anyone expecting 16tf for $499 hasn't been paying attention. I think 8tf, combined with the much improved CPU and increased RAM/VRAM will make a much bigger difference than people think (especially with the wizards in Sony's first party studios), but yes, diminishing returns are and will continue to be an issue, that's just the reality of it.

ImGumbyDammit10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I agree for the most part. Although depending on how much they spend on the CPU end of things I can see 8TF at $399 not $499 as a possibility. Contrary to that belief with the rumors of certain aspects of their VR (e.g. breakout box) being integrated that can add additional cost that may affect other decisions. No matter what people believe Sony is not going to release a loss-leader. As for $499 barring any special (niche) build costs and looking at where AMD plans to be in capability I can see in 18 months (late 2020 release) that 10TF as a possibility for a $499 price tag.

extermin8or9d ago

With the sales sony has been having with their first party games since they got their marketing act back together at start of this gen I could well see a loss leader. Because they know people are enjoying literally every gsme they release plus they have franchises like Spider-Man exclusive to their console for the foreseeable future. Fans know that now and will want the next one. I am expecting due simply to similar architecture that ps4 games will be fully compatible with ps5. I'm also expecting about 10 Tf but it's a faster cpu that will be the biggest benefit I think. That has off been the bottleneck supposedly right from start of this gen.

chiefJohn11710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Anything over 12 is unrealistic. I expect it to land between 8-10tflops

_LarZen_10d ago

I’m no analysis. But I believe we will see an announcement this year. Most likely see a few demoes and even the design. Building up hype for 2020z

chiefJohn11710d ago

Nah they're not gonna cannibalize sales. 2020 announcement and release.

rainslacker10d ago

More likely a reveal would come maybe around 6 months before release. Chances are, no announcement this year. Otherwise, Sony would reveal before E3, then actually be at E3. While E3 may not be as important for general yearly stuff, it's too big to ignore for a console release.

I doubt the reveal itself will be at E3 though.

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