Astro Bot brings PlayStation VR to the forefront

The Blade's Will Harrison: Astro Bot is anything but a gimmick. If anything, it’s as revolutionary as Mario 64.

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Apocalypse Shadow6d ago

And PSVR is bringing immersion to the forefront of gaming.

Good job Japan Studios. Astro Bot is just the tip of the iceberg. Now let's see some Everybody's Golf. And whatever else you got.

boing16d ago

Astro Bot is a masterpiece. They should release non-VR version since PSVR is allowed from 12 years and up. I'm sure kids would love it. It's a system seller for VR though, so they probably won't.

philm876d ago

Such a well designed game. It's the same as most good VR games, you don't realise how good it is until you try it, you can't get that across on trailer on a flat screen. Need more places around for people to try it out.

mkis0076d ago

VR is the only true next gen of gaming it seems like. The last time we had a true next gen was fro ps2/xbox to ps3/360. The leap in tech was huge. VR is showing that it can be that leap. I am excited to see what sony can do with their next iteration of it made in tandem with the ps5.

boing16d ago

I concur. My girlfriend bought me PSVR Mega Pack for christmas. Seriosuly, I haven't played 'normal' games since I got it because they don't excite me anymore. VR is something else entirely. Experiences that didn't interested me at all on a flat screen gain completely different dimension in VR. Suddenly even stupid flying as a bird becomes fun as hell. Oh, and Beat Saber. This one is gold and a must have for any VR owner. Addicting as hell.

Einhander19716d ago

Agreed it’s definitely as revolutionary as MARIO 64. Sony really haven’t pushed this as much as they should. I’m sure if Nintendo had MARIO VR it would be getting a lot more love than Astro.