Tenchu – What The Hell Happened To It?

Very few 16th century ninja games can surpass the legacy that the Tenchu series has forged. Other than maybe Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden, Tenchu is one of the largest ninja series to ever be created. Although unlike the few ninja franchises that do surpass Tenchu in popularity and years of existence, Tenchu games are known for being far a more realistic and accurate depiction of how real ninja operated. Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden, and most other games that portray ninja and their Sengoku-era counterparts would generally put the player face to face with their enemies, battling it out in full-on fights where everyone was aware of each other and had plenty of supplies and health. One quick glance at a history book on this topic will reveal that this was not really how it went down though. Sure, face-to-face fights would certainly happen, but ninja were often covert mercenaries, whose tactics were generally seen as beneath the strict rules of engagement that samurai lived by on the surface of warfare. Sneaking by opponents, sabotage, infiltration, and using disguises were all things that the ninja would be tasked with to serve the clan leaders and warlords with whom they were aligned.

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chrisx7d ago

was an awesome series, especially tenchu 1 and 2. atleast there's ghost of Tsushima releasing this year!

Frodosmugins6d ago

Agree with the first statement but.... It's nothing like Tenchu.. Whereas Fromsoft have Sekiro. You should be looking forward to that.

CooPS3k7d ago

Maybe they are calling it Sekiro 🤷‍♂️

Frodosmugins6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I would say Sekiro is half Tenchu and half Souls.

Sekiro is what Tenchu might have been if the technology was available back then.

PapaBop6d ago

Basically as a Tenchu fan, what I've been asking for really. Take Tenchu and make mobs as dangerous as in a souls game, can't wait!

Segata6d ago

Just remember Aquire is the original developer of the series.

Relientk777d ago

Still waiting for a new Tenchu game.

robtion6d ago

"You chose the wrong party to crash"!

Amazing games really hope for a reboot or new entry but Sekiro will do for now.

isarai6d ago

the games just sort of got worse and worse after wrath of heaven, then they came back a bit with Tenchu Shadow Assassins, but by then it just wasn't popular anymore. but right now is the perfect time to bring it back as nostalgia for that series is at an all time high. C'mon FromSoftware, bring that sexy back

Vandamme216d ago

They killed the franchise by making the last game a wii exclusive. Which was pretty stupid.

isarai5d ago

Sadly it was already a forgotten franchise by that point anyways

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