Best Looking Games Coming To PS4 In 2019, And Yonder

While some of these titles will find their way onto other consoles besides the PS4, most of them are adding to the incredibly daunting list of Playstation exclusives. The PS4 still has plenty of life left in its tank, and if the last round of announced titles is anything to go by, we still have tons to be excited about.

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Jimboms13d ago

The new SpuckerPunch game is all I need!

purple10113d ago

Agree with Jiboms. But.. That wild game peaks my interest. All I need in 2019 though is ghost of tushima.. Also il probably work through a few on the free games on PsPlus.

UCForce11d ago

Ghost of Tsushima is my most anticipated game.

TomWoody11d ago

PS4 exclusives always look so amazing! :'( It's seriously wanting me to buy one so I can experience these