Gran Turismo Sport showcased on Sony's incredible upcoming 90" 8K TV

Gran Turismo Sport is being showcased on Sony’s very impressive upcoming 90" 8K resolution TV.

PoSTedUP6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

98 inches 8k great sound god damn... anyone have an idea of a ballpark number on pricing? sorry been away from gaming and tech stuff for a while so im out of the loop. thanks in advance.

porkChop6d ago

These types of high end products are usually priced extremely high. $20K is probably the lowest.

Livingthedream6d ago

And in about 3-5 years they'll be a fraction of the price with much better features.

mogwaii6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Knowing sonys pretentious tv pricing it will be waaayy over priced, look into lgs new oled line up, as a current sony ZD9 owner i am upgrading to a C9 this year, perfect for gaming, just not 8k but still awesome.

FyBy6d ago

What is main reason to go to LG C9 from Sony ZD9? Dont you want to wait for microLED tech? Or OLED is better for your needs? And what about Sony or Panasonic OLEDs? New Panasonic 2000 TV looks wonderful!

From my point of view, OLEDs are great, but for gaming you risk image retention. I know it isnt too bad, but its present - especially in gaming with lot of time in menus / with hud active.

Just curious. Thank you.

BizarroUltraman6d ago

You say it like you're missing out on something. 8K TV are far away for average consumer. Not to mention, no 8K source on TV, they barely do 4K now. Lmao 8K what Sony system doing that? The Pro cant even run 1080p 60 hahahahaha

EazyC6d ago

I've never heard price setting described as 'pretentious' before!

rainslacker5d ago

Pretentious pricing? For new tech, on a display size which isn't going to be commonly used in the home?

Sony's pricing is high, but their TV's are quality, and unlike some companies which use old tech in their TV's, Sony actually does create a lot of the technologies which end up in the cheaper TV's, so they're the one's paying for all the R&D.

Sony TV's are considered some of the best on the market. There's a reason for that, and that quality tends to come at a cost.

About the only downside to Sony nowadays is they aren't investing in as much of the panel tech, and now use Sharp or Samsung panels.

personally, it'll be a while before 8K media is available to the average consumer, so it's pointless buying an 8K panel right now, unless one just has money to burn. Standards aren't finalized, and anyone who brought into 4K early can tell you that whatever you get, will be outdated by the time they actually do finalize anything. Hell, 4K can't even manage to get it's terminology less obtuse, so I wouldn't even consider an 8K until it had plenty of media, on finalized standards.

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porkChop6d ago

It's an LCD TV. That is a bit odd in a market that's moving towards OLED and IPS.

plmkoh6d ago

Obviously you don't even know what you're looking at....

timotim6d ago

Haha...maybe you can explain to me what I'm looking at then...

Tapani6d ago

Timotim is right, it is an LCD.

plmkoh and the people who agreed with you are wrong.

The_Sage6d ago

timotim is right. If you watch the video the Sony rep says that it's LCD.

DarXyde6d ago

Now I wonder...

Sony is known for showing off stuff that will never be available to consumers, but I have to wonder if (a) a high end PS5 will support 8K and be backwards compatible or (b) Sony is just taking a pageantry lap.

porkChop6d ago

The next gen consoles won't support 8K. The hardware is finally there to make gaming in 4K viable on high end PCs. 8K isn't really doable, even with an ultra high-end PC. Compared to 4K, 8K has more than 4x more pixels. Or 33 million vs 8 million The VRAM and rendering power needed to push that many pixels is just insane. To be completely honest, I don't even know why they're bothering with 8K TVs when 4K adoption still isn't that widespread.

DarXyde6d ago

I'm aware of the demands of 8K. I didn't think this was a realistic possibility, not natively anyway.

I'm not ruling out upscaling/checkerboarding in a high-end PS5 though.

UltraNova6d ago

PS5 8K blu-ray capable drive for movie playback....just throwing it out there.

BizarroUltraman6d ago

@UltraNova nah wouldnt make any sense. Also 4K blu rays still relatively new format.

rainslacker5d ago

This kind of stuff is to set up the market, and companies who make stuff to know and experience what there will be in the future. Sony isn't pushing 4K yet, but in another 10 years time...maybe 6-8, that might start being the high end. Like most consumer electronics products, or appliances, there's this constant need by manufacturers to have the next big thing come along. It spurs sale, because eventually the market gets to a point where everyone has the standard, and sales dip because people don't really feel they need to spend money to get essentially the same thing. This means only getting sales from upgrades or broken units.

To put it in perspective, the first 4K TV was shown in 2003 by a broadcasting company in Japan. The first UHD TV for consumers was shown by Sharp in 2011, which was released later in the year. It took about 2-3 years after that before they started becoming more mainstream.

This current showing can be considered about where Sharp was in the time line. I'd have to look up what kind of 8K content was being made to reference the rest.

moomoo3196d ago

That is just pure tech porn lol. I guess GT sport really is 8k ready. Not sure why the guy said CES 2017 at the end though that was a bit weird.

DaniMacYo6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Yeah that’s pretty cool. I’m really enjoying my LG 4K, seeing this 8K in public would be impressive though.
As for pricing, my 55 inch was $1,900 reduced from $2500 so the bigger 4K’s Are anywhere from $5000 to $12000 Australian. Might be looking at $15000 to the $20000 mark with a massive 8K screen. Damn TV’s are as pricey as a car these days LOL.

UltraNova6d ago

I've recently got a 55 inch B7. Which one did you get? Any issues?

sagapo6d ago

Word of advice: calibrate and use different screenmodes. I got 4: dark room, bright room, sports and gaming. It really makes a difference to toggle between modes depending on time and situation when watching a movie or playing games. I own a B7 as well. Really loving it.

InTheZoneAC6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Play on game mode, with custom settings. I forget what I use for watching, but it too has custom settings. You don't need 4 different settings to fall back on throughout the day, just keep it simple.

I have a b6 with burn in from Overwatch and some other games. I was debating if I should wait for 2019 OLEDs or get a B8 or C8. Note to self for future oled purchases, run brightness and contrast at much lower settings for the first month. I haven't had anything else burn in since that initial month of playtime, have had it for 2 years now

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