Fox says more Alien games are coming amid mobile game backlash

More Alien games are in the works, Fox has said as it battles a backlash sparked by the announcement of a new mobile game based on the franchise.

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EpicFruityPie11d ago

Gamers don't want shitty mobile games

Dark_Knightmare211d ago

Right it was like fox saw the backlash blizzard got for that diablo mobile game and said “hold my beer we can mess up even more”

mafiahajeri11d ago

Nope, Diablo takes the cake with that... Theres no comparison between franchises. Diablo is huge.

Dark_Knightmare211d ago

&mafiahajeri I wouldn’t say diablo is a bigger franchise than alien maybe if we are just talking gaming but if we include all pop culture alien is def bigger

Nitrowolf211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Nah I think mafia right

Reason being, as a long time Alien and Predator fan FOX and Ridley Scott literally have no idea what they are doing with the IP anymore.

I feel the base has gotten so use to being jerked around that it’s not so much of a surprise that FOX made this move, more so of an expectation of how they’ll eventually f things up even more.

Remember, Colonial Marines is still considered canon until FOX decides it’s not. And the only way that happens if they would have proceeded with Alien 5

This is why so many loved Isolation, despite the backlash about Amanda Ripley at the start, it turned out to be a good game staying true to its roots.

I won’t argue that Diablo is bigger or smaller than Alien fan base, it’s just more relevant

CorndogBurglar11d ago

Totally agree. Isolation was too good and deserves better.

I do find it really odd that everyone seems to be ignoring that they also announced an Aliens MMO shooter that is not a mobile game at the same time they announced this. I dont remember seeing any articles mentioning it on N4G. That has real potential. I can already imagine creating your own Conial Marine and joining squads (clans). It could be really cool if they don't screw it up.

ButchKween11d ago

I'm a console gamer mainly, but you can't deny the mobile market is huge. just look what nintendo raked in. Its huge business. Plus alien sold okay but not what it needed too.

rainslacker10d ago

I'd say we don't, but there are a large number of people who play games on mobile, which is who these games are made for. Big reason there is backlash on this kind of stuff, is because the announcements are made towards the gaming community, who doesn't care about this stuff. The mobile community I doubt really hears about these games much before they're actually released, which is when the paid reviews get pushed around. The mobile gaming journalism space is actually worse than the console/PC game journalist space, and those guys don't even try to hide that you have to pay them to review or talk about your game in places that actually allow it to be discovered by mobile gamers.

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ArchangelMike11d ago

This the problem when corporate execs make business decisions about games wthout giving any thought to the gamers themselves. All they see is low production cost with high market placement - i.e. on a billion mobile phones. That's why they can't understand why putting out a PR statement that "but..bu..but.... Alien: Blackout is a standalone game that shares Amanda Ripley as a main character but is not related to or a sequel of Isolation." - It just doesn't do anyting to help the situation, and highlights their complete lack of a connection with gamers and even Alien fans.

Somebody please send them the memo that fans WANT a sequel to Alien Isolation! They dont want comic spin-offs and mobile game cash-ins; or another cheap souless GaaS-mmo-microtransaction-shoo ter. We want a proper Ripley story based, stealth-horror Alien game. You don't have to spend $100million to make the damned thing either. GIve SuperMassive (Until Dawn), a call, or Ninja Theory (Senua's Sacrifice), or Frictional Games (SOMA), or RedBarrells (Outlast) etc etc and they'll all tell you how to make a quality AAA game with a small team and a tight budget. There is a healthy market for the stealth-horror genre, just be true to the genre and to the Alien franshise.

ShadowWolf71211d ago

Honestly though? I'd take a comic sequel over this mobile game bs.

beulahland11d ago

Let's not hope too much and let's be grateful we had Alien Isolation...because chances are we won't get another good game soon.

rockwhynot11d ago

Mobile games can be cool. I liked Shadowgun.

TheRacingX11d ago

They can.....but far and few between....for every Shadowgun or Infinity get a 100 crap apps posing as games

rainslacker10d ago

Sure. But seems that some of these publishers are directing these announcements at the hardcore gaming community, which would usually prefer more traditional gaming. Namco and Square do this a lot. Blizzard greatly miscalculated it's audience at BlizzCon. Sega does this from time to time, but most of their announcements are in japan for this stuff where mobile is more popular.

porkChop11d ago

If you're going to announce a mobile game atleast show a teaser or something for the PC/console game. Let people know it's coming so they don't get pissed off and lash out.

rainslacker10d ago

You know what helps some mobile games? When they're supplemental to console or PC games. If the mobile game can stand on its own from the more traditional, and appeal to those who aren't playing on console and PC, then it has a good chance of being played by more people, and marketing can go hand in hand between the two products.

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