The More I See Of 'Anthem' The More It Looks Absolutely Nothing Like 'Destiny'

Paul Tassi writes: Yes, you could draw a few comparisons to say, Destiny’s Warlock, but honestly, Anthem feels like it’s going someplace entirely different than Destiny with its third-person, action oriented gameplay.

Switch4One7d ago

Great news for some of us who never got on the Destiny hype train.

49miner6d ago

I was thinking the same thing actually. That's actually exciting news for folks like myself (lol and you apparently).

Purrfection6d ago

You're not locked into one class so that already is good news. The game also won't split the community with paid DLC.

Daeloki6d ago

And at the same time it's great news for someone like me who really loved Destiny until very recently when it started getting stale. So far it really seems like a similar type of game, so it's going to feel great jumping into something completely fresh but something that has a familiar feel.

So far my only concern is EA, but I guess we'll see with the demo, or at the very latest once revies are out

fiveby96d ago

It's a wait and see for me. No day 1 purchase till I see what the word on the street is.

thejigisup6d ago

It's also great news for people who were on the destiny hype train considering many of us were let down pretty hard.

Adexus7d ago

Was really looking forward to Anthem until I tried the Alpha and was bitterly disappointed, I'll try the demo though and see if anything significant has changed for the better.

Blade926d ago

What was it you didn't like?

Adexus6d ago

The flight controls for one, it felt like there was a massive dose of input lag when flying around which made it aggravating to play, like you go in one direction but it'll go too far so you'll try and correct your course and it'll go flying way off in the other direction, didn't feel like there was much control.

The combat felt spongy and not satisfying, the vertical/horizontal sensitivity isn't the same either so it's horrible to aim and couldn't be changed, the world seems to be really small looking at the map too, hopefully it's not the entire thing.

This was on PC by the way, and most of it could be changed for the release, so here's hoping as the cutscenes are well done, and well acted and it's fun to move/double jump around.

ramiuk16d ago

when is demo? what was it that you didnt like please?

No Way6d ago

Sometime the beginning of Feb.. like the 1st to the 3rd or something like that.

Adexus6d ago

Demo's out Feb 1-3 I think?

rdgneoz36d ago

If you did play the Alpha, then you signed an NDA which is still under effect according to most people that have played the alpha and released videos lately of some gameplay with Bioware approval (since things have changed and bioware didn't want people discussing the alpha, while stuff is being changed). So you're either breaking the NDA by discussing the alpha or you watched videos and 'played it'... Hopefully not breaking the NDA...

As for your comments on the gameplay, watch the Interceptor gameplay they released a few days ago and see if you notice any input lag for flying. None of the people releasing footage talk about input lag or or the combat not being satisfying (they talk about end game making or breaking the game as its fun, but will it have legs to go the distance) . Thing is fast as hell and killing mobs quickly. Storm gameplay shows a ton of control in the air and all the javelins in general can easily cut through the mobs like butter. Though with 6 difficulties (3 at start, 3 more when you hit level 30), mobs will be a little spongy on the higher settings.

Adexus6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Hence why I said it'll probably change for release, and I watched the Storm gameplay and the flying looked a lot more accurate to control which gave me hope, so we'll see, it'll probably end up being heavily changed at release.

The spongy comment was in relation to the health of the enemies, but just how it felt to fire a weapon.

slate917d ago

The only difference from Destiny I want to see is story. I know the gameplay and suits or whatever are solid. Stop talking about them. Give me cinematic story that will pull me in.

Flewid6386d ago

From the looks of it, thats not what they're offering here. Such a shame because I'd prefer that too.

No Way6d ago

Same guy that made the Mass Effect series - I believe - is creating the story for this.

That could be a good thing.

PapaBop6d ago

^^ That would be Drew Karpyshyn and he did work on the game but has since left the company so who knows how much influence he has had.

DaDrunkenJester6d ago


Drew left sometime in 2018, so likely the script was mostly written by then. Also Casey Hudson (the executive producer of ME 1-3) is also heading up this project as well.

I have some hope, but I'm not entirely holding my breath due to the nature and past of these types of games.

rdgneoz36d ago

@Papa He has left the game, but only after he penned the whole script and extra for later on. Pretty much there's nothing left for him to do till the game comes out and they need more stuff for future content, so he's doing his own thing till then. He's worked on ME, DA, and KotOR, so the story should come out pretty well. They've shown 1 or 2 story trailers, but most has been focusing on the gameplay and loot which is what people will be spending hundreds of hours doing.

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Repjaws6d ago

Lol "gameplay is solid". Yeah staying in one place and holding down the contextual button is exactly what I look for in my games!

slate916d ago

Some of the roughest gameplay can be saved with a well written story. The gameplay in Anthem is good enough imo. But if it lacks a meaningful story then its pointless. All I'm getting at.

SlagWolf5d ago

Yeah a good story can go a long way in keeping you hooked. If it’s all about killing bullet sponges I’ll pass

Kabaneri6d ago

Its like Destiny mixed with Warframe.

--bienio--6d ago

Exactly. Sadly this is the last game from BioWare.

Findingcrybabies6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Not sadly. They are a shell of what they used to be. They used to be amazing. I'm glad its over and its time....just suck how far they fell and ended up just another plot in EA's famous graveyard. It's been time to end it.

--bienio--6d ago

True. Sadly cos I really like to see next dragon age but what we can do...:/

shaggy23036d ago

And unfortunately I get the feeling that the company behind Titanfall will be not that far behind them. Titanfall 1 was good, but lacked singleplayer, but definitely showed promise. Titanfall 2 was and still is stellar quality with arguably the best single player shooter this generation, just a shame EA shoved that game out to die so they could be Respawn up cheap.

SlagWolf5d ago

All the talent that made Bioware great left along time ago.
Every game they have made after DA1 has been hollower and hollower.
12 years ago I would have been excited for the next Bioware game.

Now I’m like “meh who cares”

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