Xbox Game Pass Adds Two Surprise Titles, Including Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass program already had enough value going into January, with a variety of games joining at the start of the month including new releases like Aftercharge and Absolver, as well as the Life Is Strange. But, surprise, two huge games just joined the Game Pass lineup, including a fighting favorite fans won’t want to miss.

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Vasto502d ago

Just when you thought it could not get any better.

Livingthedream502d ago

Dont mind the disagrees, just playstation fanboys who were paying for playstation plus because the of the two free games Sony gives with the service. Lol

boing1502d ago

Plus is for multiplayer, just like Live. Games a month are a bonus. Are you paying for Game Pass additionally to Live subscription? Do you have to have Live to be able to get Game Pass?

shaggy2303502d ago


No, you don't Xbox Live to get access to Games Pass, though without Live people won't be able to play multiplayer titles.

lxeasy502d ago

MVC 3 Damn Xbox Gamepass just keeps getting better and better


Nice! Firebrand here I come!!!!

Switch4One502d ago

Wow that's pretty sweet! But I've now run out of space on my Xbox One.

traumadisaster502d ago

Last summer I picked up an 8tb drive and there is like 2tb left now.

FlyGuyHung502d ago

Lol I had to purchase an external harddrive because of GamePass. So happy with my subscription.

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