Neocrisis: New Killzone 2 Screens

Neocrisis: 13 new screens.

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Harri44444276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

MS\360 cry moar

Ninja-Sama4276d ago

These screens are from the new trailer aren't they?

Kleptic4276d ago

yeah just captures from the new trailer...but pretty good quality...I didn't even realize but there is one scene where a helghast jumps over a crate in what looks like a basement...and that the entire floor is flooded with awesome looking water/tar/something liquid...and the real time reflections of everything looks ridiculous...

as awesome as Resistance 2 is turning out to be so far...I really can't argue that Killzone 2 is the game I am most excited about overall...

clemshady1014276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

I have always visted this site but this is my 1st comment ever. I had to share what I saw.

The new trailer shows a new HEAVY Helgan Soldier!
Go to the gametrailer video of the trailer
Now fast forward to time 1:29
He looks bad ass and seems to shoot out lightning from his gun

Simply Awesome!

Lightning PS34276d ago

The helgast look sexy...mmmm

Give it to ME!!

krackchap4276d ago

but but bu.... only 256mb ram. ps3 am doom3d. LOL
haters killzowned

lloyd_wonder4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

No more big titles from MS after the holiday season, only downgraded ports and Alan wait for it.......

While the PS3 will have a bigger year than 08. Hard to believe...yeah I know.


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The story is too old to be commented.