Iconoclasts – The Best Game We All Ignored in 2018

A look back at Iconoclasts, a game most of us missed but perhaps shouldn't have.

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Leeroyw11d ago

No one ignored it. It has been plastering N4G for months with ads.

InTheZoneAC11d ago

I played a few hours of it, not sure if I'll play it again

SegaSaturn66911d ago

"...balls rubbin' against your chin *heavy breathing*"

RobtimusPrime11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I really enjoyed this game.
Awesome level design, badass boss fights, perfect controls some really good music cool old school 16 bit graphics & some above average storytelling make this game a winner in my book. Game presents a challenge but it never comes off as ridiculously unfair. Highly recommended if your into old school puzzle action platformers. The writing could have been better but it takes little from this excellent title.