AMD Announces 3rd Generation Ryzen 3000 CPUs

AMD at their CES press conference has just announced the latest generation of Ryzen Processors, the Ryzen 3000 series. As per Dr. Su, the AMD CEO, these chips should offer significantly better performance in gaming compared to the last generation.

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DaDrunkenJester6d ago

So they step it up with their new cpu, but put out the meh VII?

Profchaos6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

It's benchmarking better than the i9 9900k and consumes less power to do so and runs cooler so it's quite good the price is a little steep for amd this time though but I think they earned it still unless your heavy in to virtualisation I'd still go a 8700k or a ryzen 2700 for gaming performance

ABizzel16d ago

Did they already announce the prices?

Also performance wise the Ryzen 3000 5 or 7 would be better choices than the 2700 or 2700x. The core performance will finally match intel's, which the 2700 was still running on par with Intel's 6000 series core performance. This will make those CPUs not only better in gaming, but desktop applications, and workstations as well. The Ryzen 3000 has the potential to be a big turnaround for AMD in their battle again Intel.

But I 100% agree with you on the 8700k and 2700 being the best for gaming from a value standpoint. The Ryzen 7 1700x was as low as $150 on black friday, so if the 2700x drops to that price, it's an absolute steal.

UnholyLight6d ago

Competition in the industry is good. It will be interesting to watch AMD going forward for sure.

Father__Merrin6d ago

does this need a new mobo like intel new chips?

UltraNova6d ago

No, both AM3 and 4 are supported.

Iceball20006d ago

AM4 chipset. Will work on B320, 350, 370, 450, 470, and new 550, 570. Series

AM3 chipset is last generation for the FX and Phenome and Athlon CPUs

ocelot076d ago

Depending on price and performance on release I might replace the 2600. Not to say the 2600 is bad or anything it's done me great so far.

Iceball20006d ago

Well it supports PCI-e Gen 4 but that would require anew mobo. Not sure if that would be worth it.