Devil May Cry 5 demo running in 4K on Max Settings with more than 70fps on AMD's new Radeon VII GPU

At CES 2019, AMD showcased the PC version of Devil May Cry 5 running on its upcoming AMD Radeon VII graphics card. The demo that AMD showcased was running with more than 70fps in 4K on Max settings.

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Marioraider187d ago

This is off topic but I find your comment history pretty funny. So after looking at only the first page of your comment history your replies are "Disc or riot" "Nice stuff" "Cool" "Not bad at all" "Awesome" "I'm excited" "Congrats" "Exciting technologies here" "Yes" "PlayStation nation" "PlayStation nation" "Cool" "That sucks" "Very nice" "Dang" "Quiet = true plans" "Nice".

They are repeats and short replies lol. Every other page is similar.

NarutoFox6d ago

This is definitely off topic lol

Travis37086d ago

At least he's always positive. Less toxic people on the internet the better.

MoshA6d ago

Did you expect a Fairy Tail fan to post well constructed and meaningful comments?

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Tech56d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Radeon VII is $700 and will not have ray-trace support or AI cores.
AMD specifically compared Navi to Vega architecture in the press conference.

this is once again probably the reason for why both sony and MS have been moving forward with cloud gaming.

sinspirit6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

They will all have ray-tracing support. Nvidia just has their implementation already out, but it's at a time with no titles to use it on so it really doesn't matter. DX12 and Vulkan ray-tracing isn't far off. RTX still has a ton of draw backs at the moment. It's one of those first adopter products that people really shouldn't buy, especially due to the overpricing.

Razzer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Companies are implementing cloud gaming because they can reach more devices as hardware is not a limitation.

I don't see how these new cards have anything to do with companies implementing cloud gaming.

BizarroUltraman6d ago

what does cloud gaming have to do with it?

InKnight7s6d ago

The commentator is annoying and boring but not as much as the one who holds the controller.

SegaGamer6d ago

It's hard to tell if this is impressive or not until the game is tested on other graphics cards.

ABizzel16d ago

It's impressive, the AMD card at worst is around par with the 1080ti, 2080, or 2070 DLSS enabled. Which all are the 2nd / 3rd / 4th most powerful GPUs on the market.

The price however, is certainly not impressive at all, when the 2080 cost the same and will perform better in most cases and flatout win in DLSS enabled games. The 1080 ti can be found for $500 used on eBay, so similar performance again saving you $200. The $200 cheaper 2070 will perform on par with it in DLSS enabled games, although in this case the reliance on DLSS isn't the best buying option, because it's not likely to be patched to older games and will only have the gains in 2019 AAA games, meaning the Vega 7 should be better in the majority of PC games outside of AAA games.


It runs at 4K 60fps on the 1X although probably not on anything like max settings according to the demo tested by digital foundary so it can’t be that much of a demanding game on the hardware. Which is probably why they chose this game in their CES demo.
Needs a benchmark comparisons to other cards to see its tru performance.

Razzer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

lol...720p video to show off a game running at 4K. Sure....why not?

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