Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will skip Steam, will be released on Epic’s Digital Store and UPLAY

DSOGaming writes: "While Ubisoft’s previous titles were not exclusive on UPLAY and found their way on Valve’s store, it appears that – starting with The Division 2 – a select number of its upcoming titles will come out exclusively on Epic’s new digital store and Ubisoft’s own store."

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RainOfTerror12d ago

big, and disappointing on Ubi's part.

slasaru0111d ago

big and dissappointing is the banner on the bottom of N4G comments

TekoIie11d ago

No it's not. Ubisoft performs very badly on PC and it shows in all of their figures. I remember TB once saying that if you're a PC Gamer you may as well pretend Ubisoft doesn't exist. If you think this is big news then tell me about how big a deal Origin has been in destroying Steams dominance.

Obscure_Observer11d ago

EA, Microsoft, Activision/Blizzard, Epic and Ubisoft has left Steam to favor their own store/platform. At the top of those facts, Rockstar continues to treat PC gamers as second class citizens, and only god knows what Bethesda is gonna do when The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield finally releases.

It´s past time to Valve start to develop their own games and announce Half Life 3. Steam´s future depends on it!

fiveby911d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I do think Valve must have some concern. I like Steam but I am not loyal to it as it is basically a launcher for me. I don't like having multiple launchers for every publisher but that is not going to change. In the long run, publishers don't want to pay Valve upwards of 30% to sell their game. Having an additional launcher run when I play a specific title is mildly annoying but that is not new. I just close launchers when not in use. I have 32GB RAM in my PC so I barely notice when UPlay is even running. EPIC with their pricing structure will potentially be quite a competitor for Valve. Perhaps Valve will improve even more in the face of stiff competition. But if on principle a person doesn't want to play a game because of the store front / launcher, oh well. And yes, Valve needs to develop and publish more games.

Razzer12d ago

Epic is playing around with this game store. That's a pretty massive coup.

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The story is too old to be commented.