Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's Microtransactions Are Terrible, But Do They Ruin The Game?

The line between good game and bad revenue model isn't always a clear one, as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 proves.

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Kabaneri13d ago

Well at least you can grind for certain items instead of the terrible loot box system they had in BlackOps3.

Rude-ro13d ago

Ruin the game? Yes.
Since day one of “map packs”... it was called out that these developers will only lock more behind paywalls while offering less as a game.
You now wonder if they actually created bad stories on purpose in order to push the “they are bad at stories, so why include them” instead of demanding they put quality in the story modes.
Servers, cheaters, and favoring dlc weapons all effect the game and the first two examples never improves while the third is an actual patent from activision to favor those that buy their dlc to entice other players.

So yes... it ruins a game and the future of gaming due to players losing interest due to all of this.