PSN's Massive Holiday Sale Adds More Games But Ends Soon, So Hurry

Save money on games like Uncharted 4, Yakuza Kiwami, Jurassic World Evolution, and many more.

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Purrfection11d ago

Bloodborne only $7, that's a steal. I thought I got a great deal for $20.

Tazzy11d ago

I don't understand that game I tried playing it but never get weapons. :(

william_cade11d ago

You get your weapons After you die or get to the first lantern and return the hunter's dream. They are on the stairs to the main house, where you find Gehrman.

If you're not joking, of course.

Gaming10111d ago

Bloodborne is basically a clunky third person action game where you die all the time, but can spend hours before getting a checkpoint and all progress is gone if you die, meaning all enemies in the world return to right back where they were except bosses. You will die from projectiles off screen, trap doors you can't foresee, chests that eat you out of nowhere, and the punishment for death is so severe that it's more of a test of wills rather than good game design.
Take any game, remove all the checkpoints, reset all progress on death, make cheap death scenarios, that's the Bloodborne/Souls game formula. It's for losers who need a sense of accomplishment that they aren't getting from their meaningless crap lives.

Omnisonne11d ago


Don't make me say it..


MajorLazer11d ago


That's the biggest pile of shit I've read in a while. You suck at the games therefore the game must suck too 👍🏽. Clunky? Hours before getting a checkpoint? All progress lost? The majesty of these games is lost on you.

uth1111d ago

i think most people are expected to die at the first enemy (the wolf). then you die and go to "Hunter's Dream", where you will be given your first choice of weapon on the stairs.

REDGUM10d ago

@ Tazzy
Please stick with this game, it is truley amazing and addictive once you get a grsp on how the game plays. Not sure if you are a Dark Souls fan or not but it is a similar styled game. I admit that i spent a good few hours trying to kill that hound in the opening sequence in the room you awake in till a friend told me to run on through that room and go outside. Not untill then did the game come alive with brilliance. I was skeptical at fist with Bloodbourne as I'm a FPS player really but once I really played and learned the gamefor what it was, ti was hard to put down!

My faveourite part was the forest!
Just loved it!

Stick with it I tell ya!!

rand010d ago (Edited 10d ago )

It’s very hard, but if you stick with it, it will become exceedingly addictive. Also, play offline to avoid annoying invasions and such. I played this & all three Souls games on solo. It makes boses way harder, but you also don’t have to deal with the games built-in trolling system. I’m not downing online, just my personal preference.

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Eidolon11d ago

$20 for base game was a steal in 2016 maybe. lol

rand010d ago

Yeah, Bloodborne is my 2nd favorite game from this gen behind Witcher 3. It’s incredible. It’s worth $80.

Tazzy10d ago

@REDGUM I'll stick with it the furthest I got was to the sewers with the huge rats when you have to go up the ladder hopefully I beat iy before Sony announces a sequel. :)

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jznrpg11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I love these deals for games I can’t get physical or hard to find games and games I don’t want to open but nothing beats a disc for me! I collect RPGs Jrpgs Metroidvanias platformers bullet hells etc and I have a huge collection of just PS4 games . I need an external and bigger internal for all of my games now I can’t imagine how much storage I would need if I was a digital only person . Sony has the best sales and you definitely can find any type of game you like during these Holiday sales and a lot of the flash sales for great prices

thejackal200810d ago

Does anybody know if these are available to the UK Playstation Store? They don't seem to be available just yet?