How The Wind Waker got better with age

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker wasn't always as beloved as it is now in the Zelda canon. Here's how Wind Waker claimed its prominence.

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Kribwalker38d ago

The reason why windwaker was not beloved early on was because Nintendo put the realistic gannon link fight out showing off what the gamecube could do. Then, they just changed it to a cartoon link.

Playing windwaker though i really loved

Moonman38d ago

GameCube games rock. Period. What a fun little console. :)

e3kehoe38d ago

I wish they would put it on the switch. Loved that game

EddieNX 38d ago

Windwaker HD/Twilight Princess HD double pack should be a no brainer for Nintendo.

Kribwalker37d ago

twilight princess is the only nintendo made zelda game i didn’t finish, and skyward sword is the only one i didn’t even play. I had gotten rid of my switch by the time skyward sword came out, and i can’t even remember why i stopped playing twilight princes, but i would take both of those on the switch now in HD

EddieNX 37d ago

I personally adore Skyward sword. The boss battles are insane. Best ever in the series

pietro121237d ago

Hands down my favorite Zelda

Imortus_san37d ago

"The Wind Waker got better with age" - you mean the fact that they fixed the controlles on Wii U right!?