Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Be First On PS4 Before PS5 – Here’s Why

PlayStation Universe examines the question: Will Grand Theft Auto 6 debut on PS4?

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Livingthedream1421d ago

Lol I was thinking 100 million consoles or 150 million with xbox one by the time it releases.

anonymousfan1421d ago

This article is silly... What if PS5 releases later this year or next ... Rockstar might as well rerelease RDR2 and keep us waiting for GTA6

DillyDilly1421d ago

People wont re buy it if its Backwards Compability on PS5

Abnor_Mal1421d ago

Yet many bought GTA5 on PS3, then again on PS4. Many bought the game on XBox360, yet again people rebought it on XBox One. Upgraded graphics, assets, resolution and frames per seconds seems like a good reason to get a repurchase out of people.

Ceaser98573611421d ago

abnor mal
With time things change and tends to become expensive too... BC on PS5 will be a big boost imo.

JackBNimble1421d ago

Gta5 isn't bc though.

CaptainCook1420d ago

Abnor_Mal "Upgraded graphics, assets, resolution and frames per seconds seems like a good reason to get a repurchase out of people"

Is that a joke? That's like saying, "let's repurchase GTA V on pc every time I upgrade my GPU on PC."

Eidolon1420d ago

It won't need to be. PS3/360 had vastly different architectures and the game probably wasn't designed with PS4/XB1 in mind. It'll be different with GTA6, and possibly will only need a path to be a PS5 game.

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Ceaser98573611421d ago

As long as Trump is the president i doubt that... lol!

letsa_go1421d ago

What does that have to do with anything??

monkey6021420d ago

It was a statement made by Dan Houser of Rockstar.
That he's glad they aren't releasing GTA6 while Trump is in office. Something to do with the sensitivity of those in office currently and their inability to handle satire

Ceaser98573611420d ago

Ya disagree with me as much as you want Dan Houser actually said it what Monkey602 mentioned..

Here is the link

TheSaint1421d ago

So they can sell it twice like they did with GTA V.

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yomfweeee1421d ago

PS5 will be out before GTA6. It will probably be a simultaneous release.

Concertoine1421d ago

I wouldnt even guess that. At least a year or two out from launch of PS5.

A new GTA will suck up even more resources than the new red dead, and red dead online still requires a lot of work too.

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InTheZoneAC1421d ago

nope. Ps5 will be out, then gta6, but since most people would still have a ps4 you can bet it's getting a same day release.

anonymousfan1421d ago

I feel that way too... I expect RDR2 might be rereleased if anything

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-volt-1421d ago

It's too soon for a PS5. I still believe it's at least 2 years away.

1420d ago
milohighclub1419d ago

Next year we get the system.

PlayableGamez-1421d ago

GTAVI within the next few years? That is funny..

tar_tar071421d ago

Prolly still be waiting for that RDO2 online update too.....

Nacho_Z1421d ago

It's possible, five years between 4 and 5 and it's been five more since 5. I imagine they've been too busy rolling round in mountains of cash to keep to that time frame but 6 might be further along than you think. They keep their cards close to their chest so their radio silence about it means very little.