Sony To Aquire Audiokenetic

Some very interesting news here and it will be interesting as to what consumers will be seeing in the future as Sony has announced plans to purchase Audiokinetic.

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darthv728d ago

Wonder how this will play out with MS? Not sure how long that "long-term" contract was but they signed it in 06. I had to look up the Wwise engine and see it has been used in lots of games. This is a nice score (pun intended) for Sony.

NarutoFox8d ago

Is this really game news though 🤔

darthv728d ago

Well their sound engine is used in lots of games. See the link I provided above.

pinkcrocodile758d ago

As news goes, it's a bit shit isn't it!

It's the equivalent of this;

"Microsoft opens Vegan only canteen staffed by mental people who think there are more than 2 genders"

HentaiElmo8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Yes it’s game news and if you read the article you’ll noticed why Sony is buying this sound developer and that they are committed to VR 💯 % for next gen and giving us the best sound possible for their games

@darthv72 it will be same as the studios Microsoft acquired last year all contracts games will keep going as usual when they’re finished it will be up to Sony to renew/ deny service or make new contract with the contract holders

Silly gameAr8d ago

It's good to just have some actual news for a change instead of opinion and fluff pieces, imo.

Christopher8d ago

Just as much as someone buying a physics or game engine. It applies to audio control and management in games. It's used regularly across gaming in general.

OffRoadKing8d ago

"Audiokinetic sets new standards in audio production for interactive media and GAMES." Yep like it or not its game news.

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Garethvk8d ago

You can see the long-term positioning starting. Sony likely did this with an eye to future plans.

fr0sty8d ago

That's my thinking... collect royalties licensing current tech out, but maintain an exclusivity or cost advantage for future tech.

Lon3wolf8d ago

Most probably won't affect MSoft that much, they both pay licences to each other for the use of their software/middleware etc. plus it would be the developer paying the costs of the licence to use Wwise.

rainslacker8d ago

It's probably about as helpful or damaging as MS acquiring Havok. They won't restrict those technologies, thus devaluing them. In both cases, they were just business acquisitions to make money off them, and in both cases, utilize the technology for their own purposes without having to pay royalties. If you can make money off something you already use, but pay for, why not invest in it if you can?

IRetrouk8d ago

Says in the article they are staying independent, most likely won't effect any contracts.

clinicallyCynical8d ago

No different than when MS acquired Havok and Simplygon. Nothing will change.

Wulfer8d ago

Easy if MS can't use AudioKenetic, Sony can't use Havoc or many other Patents MS has under lock and key. Another words nothing will change for gamers and game developers will continue to make games like they have in the past. Royalties will change but that's about it...

UltraNova8d ago

The time when middleware was bought and locked away has passed. Now buying middleware is a simple investment, not a market control move.

Mystogan8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Nothing will change...Microsoft owns Havok which is used in most of the noteworthy AAA games including Spiderman, Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn just to name a few.

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sprinterboy8d ago

I see some future interesting uses in the vr space

NarutoFox8d ago

After reading the article, that's what I'm thinking

lxeasy8d ago

I still don't get who or they do. Is there focus vr???

sbprost8d ago

Wwise is Audiokinetic's most well known and widely used program, which is used as middleware in order to provide sound files in response to an audio "trigger." Press a button at the main menu, hear a bloop or beep. Wwise is the program that triggered that noise in response to your input. Also used for ambiences and environmental noises. It's popular due to it being engineered to work with several popular cross-title engines such as Unreal, CryEngine, and Unity to name a few.

Source - I'm an audio engineer and sound designer with mild game experience. Cheers all o/

S2Killinit8d ago

Now you have expert opinion, this would hold up in court, are you satisfied? Lol im jesting of course.

spwittbold8d ago

I am probably wrong but I would imagine this is just something similar to the Bluray scenario in that Sony would just receive the licensing fee for using the Software, but who knows. Maybe Sony refuses to let them use it or charges and exhorbant fee in which case, Microsoft may have to find another solution to the problem.

ImGumbyDammit8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Technically Sony doesn't directly receive a licensing fee for companies using Blu-Ray. BDA (which Sony is a contributor) receives a fee for using Blu-Ray. A fee that Sony must pay BDA as well. However, Sony later gets a percentage of that back (somewhere in the neighborhood of 18% returned; Phillips and Panasonic receive the lion share of BDA licensing money).

As for denying usage that would make little sense. It serves no purpose from a business perspective to limit a such a toolset as this. There are toolsets Sony's first party studios use that Microsoft owns. For example, Havok, a physics engine owned by Microsoft, is used in games like The Last of Us, Detroit Becomes Human and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Edit: grammar

Mystogan8d ago

Then Microsoft can refuse them access to Havok engine. Which means they need to stop selling Spiderman, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted series among many others.

So noh, denying Microsoft access or abusing their contract will not work out well for Sony.

Cmv388d ago

Ms wouldn't do that even if Sony did deny access, but it makes no sense for Sony to deny access.

KillZallthebeast8d ago

Sony seems to be acquiring quite a few assets this gen beyond gaming studios.

StormSnooper8d ago

Music/soundtrack has always been a bright spot for PlayStation exclusives considering that Sony is one of if not the major music studio in the world. This seems right up their valley. Looks like they are positioning themselves well to capitalize on their strengths.

Note that they will allow this studio to work cross platform with others, if I read that correctly.