When Was The Last Time An Xbox One Exclusive Truly Moved You?

Power does not create powerful moments.

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Vasto8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I am moved every time I power on my X and look at all the games I have to play with Xbox Game Pass and think just how far we have come. I have said it time and time again that Xbox Game Pass is the best thing to happen this gen. You can lineup every exclusive from Sony or Nintendo and I will still take an Xbox X with Game Pass every single time.

See you next month in Crackdown 3 which I will be playing Day 1 though Game Pass.

SCW19828d ago

But you didn’t answer the question.

Nyxus8d ago

He doesn't have an answer.

gamer98d ago

As a console timed exclusive, PUBG. No game gets your heart racing like it. Sick of it now though, playing 500 hours will do that.

It's a bit of a loaded question since xbox exclusives are typically MP shooters, and PS exclusives are story driven.

A counter question could be, when was the last time a PS4 exclusive had an amazing multiplayer component?

SCW19828d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Gran Turismo Sport

Dark_Knightmare28d ago

@gamer9 tlou remastered,gt sport,mlb the show,killzone shadow fall,Uc 4/lost legacy which all provided fun components

Kornholic8d ago

PUBG was never an xbone exclusive game

Abnor_Mal8d ago

Damn, he's got some sweet dance moves. Danced completely around the question asked in the article.

Killustrious8d ago

LMAO this guy said PUBG... I'm sorry you have such a lack of games you had to pick a multi-platform battle royale. I think that says enough about the game selection on Xbox One right there.

alb18998d ago

Forza Horizon 4 Is just in other league.

nowitzki20048d ago


Please boy, dont act like MS has had amazing "MP components" lol


trouble_bubble8d ago

I wouldn’t play PubeG for 500hrs if I was in prison. Rather count bricks.

Someplay8d ago

He can't answer the question because Microsoft failed to put just ONE GREAT EXCLUSIVE title in this generation.

RedDevils8d ago

The last time xbox one exclusive truly moved me, is when the xbox brand didn't existed.

nix8d ago

don't know about xbox exclusive but i'm sure he gets moved every time a good PS exclusive comes out. except that moving emotion is either - jealousy, anger, hate, depression.

i kid. i kid.

sprinterboy8d ago

He hasn't been moved this gen with xbox, he's just a deluded fanboy who has been blinded.

ILostMyMind8d ago

Uncharted and TLoU...?

S2Killinit8d ago

Thats a sad state of affairs for xbox owners. Imagine if they knew this at the beginning of the gen.

SierraGuy8d ago

Project Gotham Racing 1-4 we're awesome.

gamer97d ago

@Responses, yes that’s why I said “console timed exclusive” Lol. Because they haven’t had a real exclusive in awhile that’s moved me. And yes, PUBG 1 year ago was amazing, sort of old news now that it’s over to PS4, Blackout stole some of it’s thunder, game is almost 2 years old, etc..

bouzebbal7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Scalebound first trailer...

ThinkThink7d ago

Ori I and the Blind Forest for me. I think that's the only game that moved me this entire generation across all 3 platforms.

mikeslemonade7d ago

Lost Odyssey and Alan Wake. Which Alan Wake isn’t an exclusive anymore.

Kornholic7d ago

@gamer9 it was never an exclusive anything on Xbox one. The minute it was released on the Xbox One, it became a multiplatform game.

gamer96d ago

@Kornholic it was a timed console exclusive. You could play it on xbox one 1 year before PS4. Console exclusive means you can play it on 1 console and not the other console. Timed means for a set period of time.

Kornholic5d ago


That's not an exclusive game. It's a multiplatform game.

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yomfweeee8d ago

You get more games through PS Now (yes and you can download more than you can on Game Pass). Only advantage Game Pass has is Day 1 exclusives. But, as the article points out... those are a rarity, especially a good one.

TheAussieGamer8d ago

Game Pass does more than Day and Date 1st party though ... it's cheaper, PS Now also doesn't't let you play or stream games you already own whereas Game Pass does. Game Pass also offers you the opportunity to buy your favourite game at 20% off and is available in far many more markets than PS Now .... which is not currently available in Australia due to Sony's lack of infrastructure

The Wood8d ago

Aussie . .
'PS Now also doesn't't let you play or stream games you already own whereas Game Pass does'

Didn't know that. Good addition

StormSnooper8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Yes Playstion Now has way more titles.

chiefJohn1178d ago

Psnow doesn't have many good games compared to gamepass so it has more but it's mostly shovelware

bluefox7558d ago

@chief lol what? The ps3 had one of the best console collections of all time. You can probably find more 90+ games on one page of psnow than all of gamepass. I'm certainly no fan of either service, but to suggest the quality of the offerings in game pass is in the same league as psnow is laughable.

RosweeSon8d ago

Except they don’t release games so the day 1 things a bit redundant

skiggy348d ago

I had PS Now and got rid of it becazuse the streaming sucks. Out of nowhere the screen will pixelate and that happens all the time. I cancelled service. Its nowhere near as good as gamepass.

thexmanone8d ago

PS Now cost twice as much, I would hope they have more games.

rob-GP7d ago

@TheAussieGamer - "PS Now also doesn't let you play or stream games you already own whereas Game Pass does."

What are you on about? If you already own a game, you can play it on your PS4... If you get a PSNow sub you can access over 250 PS4 games (downloadable or stream) and over 600 PS3 games (stream). If you get GamePass you have about 120 games (mix of Xbox one and 360) - regardless of if you already own them or not - you get access in both passes.

I really don't get what you were trying to say as your point is completely invalid and silly. Also, don't forget that all PSNow games (downloaded or streamed) can be played online for free. GamePass games also require a paid Gold account in order to play them online.

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NarutoFox8d ago

What kind of answer is that lol???

CobraKai8d ago

That’s a public relations answer.

2pacalypsenow8d ago

You sound like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Atticus_finch8d ago

What are you trying to say? She's awesome...

2pacalypsenow8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Lol I’m sure she is.

Just has no concept of math and doesn’t like facts.

Her interviews are comedic gold tho, so I guess she’s awesome for that.

Keltech8d ago

"no concept of math and doesn't like facts"

Sounds like the puppet in the oval office. Did you see that Ritalin addict speaking yesterday?

Atticus_finch8d ago

Has no concept of math? WTF
The fact that you attack her let's me know you're the one with the facts problem.
You haters keep making her famous, she ain't going nowhere, suck it up.
Stick to videos games because your politics are f up.

2pacalypsenow8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


She makes it too easy, she can't answer questions ( check out that 60 minutes segment), and always deflects to trump when asked a hard question she cant answer.

People are too busy trying to get token minority leaders to care if they even have a plan, "as long as a woman of color gets elected, we don't care what she does".

@Atticus_finch show me were she lays out her plan to pay for everything she's offering? And don't use her quote “you just pay for it!”

GrubsterBeater7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

“The tippy tippy top”

Oh man... lol silly socialist/communists.. facts and statistics are scary micro aggressions, but feelings and virtue signalling are what’s really important according to the left..

2pacalypsenow7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Here's another "Fact" for y'all.



Still waiting on it.. But she's "Awesome"... and if we disagree with anything she says, we're haters.

CoinOrc7d ago

The fact that you defend her math skills let us know that you suck at math as much as her. She makes herself infamous with her unintentional comedy.

medman7d ago

I'm pretty sure Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has achieved something meaningful with her Washington D.C. appointment. Please regale us with tales of all your successes, that you feel somehow qualified to find her interviews "comedic gold".

2pacalypsenow7d ago


Classic, “I got no response” so I’m gonna attack the op.

You sound like her too 🙋🏻‍♂️

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Ciporta19808d ago

Tried game pass for 1 month for £1 and played nothing.

sprinterboy8d ago

Tried sot, gears and sod on me nephews xbox, meh experience.

thejigisup8d ago

Well at least you get to own nothing too...unlike psnow, yeah take that

SirJoJo7d ago

Why lie? What you said makes absolutely no sense.

Redlife2g8d ago

Hahahaha man this made me laugh

Dark_Knightmare28d ago

Cool story I only have an og Xbox one and I have no desire to get an Xbox x because they haven’t provided me a reason to and my current Xbox is a glorified blu ray player. I have no interest in an oft delayed game from a mediocre series so crackdown 3 isn’t even on my radar but I will finally get to play something on my GAME console when the ori sequel comes out which I’m super hyped for

sprinterboy8d ago

Will of the wisp looks great

Jin_Sakai8d ago


“You can lineup every exclusive from Sony or Nintendo and I will still take an Xbox X with Game Pass every single time.”

Then miss out on the some of the best games in the industry. You’re hurting no one but yourself.

chiefJohn1178d ago

Outside of gow, horizon and Spiderman what else is there that's been released? Asking for a friend

trouble_bubble8d ago

You’d have to be in a third world jail to be that cut off lol! Seriously. Tell him we’re on PlayStation #4 now. Donald Trump is US President. The XFL is coming back. It’ll be all the rage at the spork dispensary.

S2Killinit8d ago

Dude you must be living under a rock. PS4 has had so much exclusives that naming them would be silly. Everybody will find their own gems, but whats clear is that when Playstation is on top, gamers win.

CoinOrc7d ago

Detroit, mlb the show, uncharted 4/the lost legacy, ni no Kuni, shadow of the colossus, yakuza, persona, ratchet and clank, bloodborne......

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Frinker8d ago

This brought a tear to my eye

Potnoodle9998d ago

Lol crackdown. Looks like a solid 6-7/10 game. Enjoy the reviews when they hit your reality like a sledgehammer to the balls... then enjoy trying to spin every negative about it. I don’t need to play it to know this as I laughed out loud at how awful the flagship Xbox one game looked in the initial gameplay reveal trailer. Then again months later when there were apparently improvements.

On topic I’m glad most people agree with the article. Sony and Nintendo are killing it with single player smash hits at every turn. Not sure why Microsoft didn’t get the memo, but we all wish they would join the party and stop with the GAAS shit.

thejigisup8d ago

Lol yeah that demo was trash, look at all the debris that effects nothing. It falls and disappears, but look at it. Ms needs to give Sony some cloud compute real estate so they can actually do something with it.

CrimsonWing698d ago

Is it a bowel movement every time you turn it on?

Wha_gwaan8d ago

You can only be a troll if you're moved by Xbox exclusives this gen

cellfluid8d ago

spoken like a true gameless fan boy lol

drunkenspy0078d ago

Moved by power, and hopes, and dreams. Whatever keeps your delusions going I guess.

notachance8d ago

your comment sounds more like an ad than a comment by a human being tbh

salmonade8d ago


Thanks man. Oh.. thank you so much for the laugh. You have brightened my day immensely. Big smile on my face now.