5 Capcom Games that Deserve the Resident 2 2019 Treatment

Resident Evil 2 2019 launches in a few short weeks and it looks, and plays, amazing. Capcom has taken the classic and renowned title and not only modernized the visuals but added new content to keep the experience fresh for veterans who played the original. But there are some games that deserve the same treatment from Capcom. Here are 5 games from Capcom that deserve the Resident Evil 2 2019 treatment.

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FallenAngel1984886d ago

Not another one of these “treatment” articles

darthv72885d ago

Remasters are still popular so... yeah.

I personally like when there are remastered compilations. More than just remaking one game but to take a couple (or more) in a series and remake them as one nice compilation. Viewtiful Joe comes to mind. to have a full remake of all the games on one disc would be sweet.

I know many want to see Powerstone come back (as do I) but i'd go even deeper into their vault and bring back darkstalkers, cyberbots or even project justice / rival schools combo.

FallenAngel1984885d ago

This isn’t a remaster it’s a remake

galmi886d ago

well for me there's
dino crisis
clock tower
haunting ground
resident evil 3
the whole onimusha series (except 4)
chaos legion
crimson tears
ring of red

PapaBop886d ago

Imagine Clock Tower done in a similar style to RE7 in first person with VR support.. that would be so so damn good.

JonTheGod886d ago

I loved Haunting Ground. Very underrated.

Adexus886d ago

Onimusha instantly came to mind.

JonTheGod886d ago

Already happening (although it's a remaster as opposed to a remake).

Adexus885d ago

Yeeeah, I definitely wouldn't say that's nearly on the level the RE2 Remake is.

monkey602886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

This is a horrible list!
There are a load of titles far more deserving of a remaster than these picks. Seriously ! Dead Rising, Lost Planet and Dragons Dogma aren't even old games and have had recent sequels already!

Top of the list should be Dino Crisis,
I'll accept Resi 3 because I'm hoping that happens.
Clock tower and Haunting Ground are good choices too, It would be nice to be able to get them for a non extortionate rate.

Shadow of Rome was an amazing game and I'd love a remaster or new entry but I genuinely don't think they'd get away with it today unless it was massively toned down

Vetalka83886d ago

Resident Evil 3 yes,Dino Crisis games?Yes.Onimusha 2 hell yes.never got to play Powerstone properly so yeah i would love to see it remade,others on that list i just dont care about.

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The story is too old to be commented.