NOTICE: The R2 public beta is ending soon

I just received an email confirming the closing day for resistance

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WildArmed5146d ago

R2 comes out Tuesday!!

R2 pawns all :D

lloyd_wonder5146d ago

When does it end, exactly?

Anybody know? I have received the same exact email but it doesn't mention a date.

WildArmed5146d ago

30th Oct, this Thursday/Friday.
Enjoy it till then.

WildArmed5146d ago

+bubbles for making me laugh
(its true though)

rbluetank5146d ago

i tried to play tonight but the server is down. i will be back on wednesday. i am going to miss this beta; until the game come out nov 4. lol

insanemcbain5146d ago

I think it closes on the 13th in the UK.