Sony CES 2019 Conferences Images

Sony had an impressive conference for CES 2019 and the PS4 was given plenty of love as well as you can see in the new images from the show.

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UCForce835d ago

Sony is not slowing down this year. Good. Let’s keep that way.

Garethvk835d ago

They are pushing 8K Televisions heavily as our the other manufacturers.

UltraNova835d ago

I'd a Master series 8K TV...

Immorals835d ago

8k is utterly pointless atm. 4k barely has much content

Garethvk835d ago

So true Immorals. Games cannot do 8K and most TV shows do not film nor broadcast in 8K. It is like having a High-End Sports Car and driving daily in L.A. gridlock.

ibrake4naps835d ago

I won't ever care for 8k. At some point, enough pixels are enough. Unless it's for VR, where it's a half inch from your peepers...

S2Killinit835d ago (Edited 835d ago )

I remember thinking it couldnt possibly get better than 1080p.

835d ago
SirJoJo834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

I used to think 8k was pointless until I got my 75inch NU8000. The picture looks absolutely stunning for an edge lit tv with limited local dimming. Blacks are as black as you can get without going oled or qled and its nice and bright so HDR pops nicely. Input lag in game mode is exceptional at 15ms. I have no complaints whatsoever but back to why I'm now a believer in 8k,

Pixel Density!

On my 1 and a half year old LG 50 inch 4k hdr tv (now in the bedroom) up close the image is razor sharp on 4k content (x1x, blurays, YouTube etc.). However, on the 75 inch although it's still very sharp, up close (not that anyone in the right mind would sit half a foot from a 75 inch tv) you can just about notice the pixels as they're not as dens as smaller 4k TVs, this is regardless of whether you're watching 4k content or not.

Now this is not anything that really bothers me as like I said it's still pretty damn sharp BUT I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't love to be able to walk right up to the screen and have it seem as if i could walk straight through it because the pixels are packed together so tightly that they're barely visible, that's what 8K's for, to give BIG ASS TVs! higher pixel density, not necessarily 8K content... 4K content on an 8K 75inch tv would look razor sharp!

So when thinking of 8k, think more... people that have the space and want a huge ass tv (75in and above) but dont want to compromise whatsoever on pixel density

Ausbo834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

8k is about a decade too early

834d ago
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Butters360835d ago

Kinda disappointing they didn't show off their Crystal LED BRAVIA'S. Beats out their OLED easily.

Xb1ps4835d ago

I find that hard to believe.. didn’t Sony start making oled tv’s? LED can never get a true black

Butters360832d ago

Nah, OLED was what Sony was going after when they couldn't perfect Crystal LED back in 2012. Look it up Samsung just unveiled their version this CES. They call theirs MicroLED.

Xb1ps4830d ago

Ok I looked into it just a little though, trying to keep up with tv tech is a bit frustrating for me. when I was looking into it not long ago before i settled with my lg oled. so I guess what got me was when you said it beats out lg oled easily and it really doesn’t, not yet anyway to make that kind of claim.. there has to be a good reason why Sony didn’t run with it.

The only major benefit I seen was it can get brighter, and at least for me anyway, my tv is plenty bright especially if I put it on vivid. IMO a true black trumps super bright when watching a movie, just my preference.

All the other stuff like “burn in” I don’t care about cause I’ve had mine for a lil over a year now played several hours on it with my x and pro my tv has also broke night several times. I Think lg will have the panel game on lock for quite some time with Apple being the wild card in the panel race that quite honestly is going too fast.

Yui_Suzumiya835d ago

I've seen ads for a Samsung 8K UHDTV on YouTube. All I can think is Why? 4K has barely penetrated the mass market. I know people that still don't have 1080p televisions yet. The speed at which technology such as this is moving is too fast for the general public, imo.

paintedgamer1984834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

While i agree with you, i think the biggest push will be how much faster devices will adopt 8k vs 4k. Like realistically youtube, phones, cable, streaming devices... all could offer an 8k option in less than 3 years. Im getting the next years lg oled 8k and basically ill only have 2 years or less to wait for content... but ill be ready and most likely with vsync and whatever amazing thing comes next year... im the opposite of the bud light comercial... for the few not the many

I_am_Batman834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

I highly doubt that we'll see any significant 8k content for at least 4-5 years. We're not even there with 4k yet. The majority of last years "4k Blu-ray" movies aren't even native 4k yet. The once that are, are quite heavily compressed. Nobody even invented a physical medium for 8k movies to be viable yet and the digital infrastructure isn't there either. While 5g might solve the bandwidth problem to a degree but data caps will probably still make 8k streaming problematic.

Also even if those problems are solved quicker than I think they'll be solved you'll still be stuck with your HDMI 2.1's 48Gbit/s Meaning your uncompressed 8k (RGB or Y′CBCR 4:4:4) will max out @~50hz for 8bit content and ~40hz for 10bit HDR content.

8k for gaming isn't even worth talking about because it would be a massive waste of recources (4k already arguably is). Going from a 2 MegaPixel framebuffer (1080p) to a 8 Megapixel framebuffer (4k) is a big step already and that's why console manufacturers have implemented tricks like checkerboard rendering to save recources. 8k would represent a 33 Megapixel framebuffer. Even Nvidia is prioritising qualitative rendering improvements like ray-tracing over resolution increses and has implemented DLSS (Deep learning super sampling) to save recources on that aspect.

Youtube creators probably won't be quick to adopt 8k either. It's just a lot more data to handle and the video processing in 4k is taking a lot of processing power already.

All of this will be amplified by the diminishing returns you get from continuing to increase the resolution. We're already facing diminishing returns with 4k meaning that we have to sit very close to a 4k display or have really large screen sizes to get the most out of 4k. The difference to 1080p is big enough though that even if we don't get the most out of 4k, it's clearly a sharper image. With 8k increasing the screen size or reducing the viewing distance introduces new problems. Namely how much of your field of view is taken up by the screen. To get the most out of 8k your TV has to take up 128° of your FOV (meaning a large portion of the screen will be in our peripheral vision). You'd have to go above 64° to even begin to see a difference compared to 4k. To be clear here is an example:

If you get a 70" 8k screen you need to sit closer than 1.35m (4.4') to it or you won't be able to see a difference compared to 4k. To get the most out of it you'd have to get as close as 0.675m or 2.2'. And that is only is true if you have 20/20 vision. If you have imperfect visual acuity these viewing distances will be even shorter.

Here is an interesting article if you are interested in a more detailed breakdown of viewing distances, resolutions and the limit of our eyes:

In my opinion 8k for TV's is mostly unnecessary especially when it comes at such a large opportunity cost. It might be a good thing for VR headsets in the future though.

Sorry for writing down such a wall of text. I got carried away.

one2thr834d ago

Right, I just recently bought a 4k set, after owning my 1080p set for 10yrs.

And my 1080p is still being used to this day.

The_Sage834d ago

Personally... I think it's pointless at the moment. There's nothing to feed it, and the difference between 8k and 4k is not really noticeable. A 4k set with good HDR and a true wide color gamut is going to be about the limit of your eye, unless your running 100 inches or better.

rainslacker834d ago

It's just the early stages. The high end that some people will pay for. 1080 and 4K started off in much the same way. It'll still be a while before 8K becomes something considered by the mass market, and likely won't even be a mention for the next console generation.

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Gamist2dot0834d ago

I think the need for 8K lies in size of the screen.
1080P - 50 inch or lower
4k - 50 - 75 inch
8k - 85+

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