Blizzard quietly confirms another LGBTQ Overwatch hero

In a new short story titled “Bastet,” Blizzard Entertainment confirms that Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison) is the second LGBTQ character in the Overwatch universe.

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WitcheRivia44d ago

Their game is dying so they're pandering for headlines.

NecrumOddBoy44d ago

How come all the "LGBTQ" characters in this multiplayer shooter are white males? Such compelling intersectional backstories for the SJWs I guess.

Nitrowolf243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Wow my dude, way to label them white. For all we know maybe they identify themselves as a t-1000 green toad gremlin that way blizzard can say they’ve ticked every box.

But seriously The way blizzard been going on seems super forced

lxeasy43d ago

@necrumoddboy you are wrong, tracer is a gay and SHE is not a white male.

bluefox75543d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Did you just assume their race and gender??

CorndogBurglar43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

They aren't? Tracer is a lesbian and there's a gay hamster-thing.

rainslacker43d ago

How come the heterosexual characters don't have their sexual preference highlighted? How come their sexual preference doesn't matter?

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-Foxtrot43d ago

Yeah I don't get the decision behind this

It's hard to describe the situation...on one hand LGBT+ characters are not an issue but when you've already said Tracer was suddenly, the agreed with the Tumblr community that even Symmetra was autistic they don't seem fully genuine, just Blizzard making stuff up for the lore as they go along to win brownie points from a strong community.

As a member of the LGBT community I just think making Soldier 76 gay was pointless, I probably would understand if he was bisexual or something but being full on gay just seems a little forced. "Oh lets make the tough old macho soldier gay that will appeal to the community and show how progressive we are"

Comes across as Blizzard exploiting this kind of stuff to gain rep...I mean if they said he was gay when they first launched the gay I'd understand but they didn't.

EazyC43d ago

Yes, I put this and Symmetra's autism on the same spectrum (pun unintented), in both cases it is utterly arbitrary pandering. It's really quite cynical too, if you think about it - Blizzard's writers are clearly just assigning these labels in a desperate bid to earn 'diversity' brownie-points.

Christopher43d ago

The decision is the people who write for the game are themselves comprised of LGBTQ community members. It's not hard to figure out.

MajorLazer43d ago

Literally wtf does sexuality even need to be mentioned? Unless the game is going to show kiss/sex scenes, it is not relevant in any way

salmonade43d ago

They want the recognition in their own warped minds. It's like donating to Charity and then taking out an ad in all the newspapers telling everyone that you donated a lot of money to charity. You're right, they're literally forcing diversity just for the sake of it.

equal_youth43d ago

When they started with the identity politics i stopped playing. No regrets. Characters where great and innocent and they could be what Others and myslef wanted them to be. Now it's just for the sake of it. Annoying as s***.

Christopher43d ago

lol, what? The game is far from dying and it's far from pandering when Blizzard didn't even highlight it. The only people highlighting it are journalists.

Lionsguard43d ago

Winston is actually trans-species. He was once a jaguar.

VTKC42d ago

Its an attempt to steer the attention away from the so called Girl Gamer that was allegedly bullied but turns out it was a guy as his skills werent good enough to be in the team but when he posed as a girl. He got in.

Christopher42d ago

. The person behind the controller was a pro-level player. What you just wrote is as much fiction as was that of the girl gamer.

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Elda44d ago

That's nice but it's time for a new Overwatch.

Atticus_finch43d ago

I agree, I would immediately jump on a new overwatch.

EazyC43d ago

I'm not sure they would do that, it's not like they can update the graphics all that much (due to its sylised fashion), and it would be extremely difficult to capture that lightning-in-a-bottle again, with the interesting and unique character designs (well... the release batch were anyway) and good maps. I think an Overwatch 2 would inevitably be a disappointment.

Michiel198943d ago

Or just actually expand on the lore.
They advertised this game to their fans as a tf2 spinoff with lore. and what did they give us when it comes to lore.....
5 cinematic shorts and 1 in game even which hardly expand on the lore.

I do think OW2 will be announced at some point this year. They hardly made any content for the game last 2 years that the main dev team has to be working on a sequel or another game.

neomahi43d ago

Your aparant advocacy for The Last of Us there doesn't hold much water in your case. Sadly, Naughty Dog have given Neil Druckman too little of leash and he's making Naughty Dog just as political. I'm sick of it all. I don't play games to he preached to, that's what church is for and politics are, I play games to leave all that behind and have fun.

InTheZoneAC43d ago

I don't agree with it either in TLoU, doesn't mean I dislike the game

EazyC43d ago

At least in TLoU it ties into a direct narrative

thejigisup43d ago

Except tlou actually has this great story with believable characters. The story in overwatch... Um is there a story to overwatch? Not really. Blizzard is just making a character gay just for the sake of having another gay character. Tlou doesn't feel forced at all and understanding that Ellie is a lesbian actually adds to the story and development of her as a character. You cannot compare the two games and their inclusion of gay characters bc they are two wildly different styles of games. I don't get why sexual orientation is even being discussed for overwatch, it literally adds othing of value to the game.
And don't talk to me about the short story bastet, it's 12 pages at most, the PDF is 18 pages with entire pages being covered with a quote, or a picture. You can't compare that to tlou.

Michiel198943d ago

@TheJig there is no lore in OW, or hardly any, They set up a world (which they did really well actually) and promised to expand upon it, which they havent to this day. Yes they developped some characters backstory but it is still unknown what actually happened to Overwatch, the omnics, the mecha-godzillas etc.

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