The Gaming Subscription Bubble Just Keeps Growing. How Long Until It Bursts?

How many subscriptions can the market take?

Just as you currently need three or four video streaming subscriptions to keep up with the new hotness or best stuff on television, that's going to become the norm for video games. There are going to be new platforms and subscriptions pulling you in different directions. Things will continue to splinter, both in terms of the number of accounts you have and how much you'll be paying on a regular basis to access them. Every publisher and platform holder wants a piece of the pie, even though most of the pie was eaten before they noticed it was there.

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Hardiman13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yeah it's easy to see this canibalizing itself! I get why devs and publishers see this trend and go all euphoric at the possible subscribers but it's not for me. As far as gaming I have PS+ and I reup it during Black Friday and the free games I get a year really pays for it but that's it.

Money isn't the only issue for me when gaming services are concerned. It's what kinds of games and what kind of quality said games would have if only available through a subscription!

I could be wrong but most are MP titles, indie or older games. I don't see games like GOW, Spider-Man, Red Dead 2 or Wild Hunt even being created if this was the norm. It seems cheaper to make games primarily MP games that would come. I just can't see a game like TLOU2 landing day one on a service and again I doubt the resources and time would ever be allocated to its development if services and subscriptions were the standard.

That's not even factoring in those who don't have access to high speed internet. It's not about social economics but more of a lack of options other than satellite or jetpack type deals. Those cap out at like 10 or 15 gigs and then it's dial up. Good for reading articles bad for streaming.

I think there will be those that will chase this white whale but the bottom will fall out and there will be those who continue to focus primarily on self contained games and continue to take the largest part of the market.

PhoenixUp12d ago

How many people will pay for different game subscription services on top of online subscriptions