X-Play: Resistance 2 Multiplayer

X-Play's Adam Sessler sits down with the Resistance 2 multiplayer development team to discuss all things R2 and multiplayer.

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cahill4267d ago

10 player MP of Gears 1.5 rules

Oh wait what did i say??

aiphanes4267d ago

Very funny. I am still laughing...

60 player squad based MP works in R2...I have tried it and it works with no lag....I can not wait till next tuesday...

FBl4267d ago

"This ain't no Gears of Four"

FBl4267d ago

Resistance 2 demonstrates why the Xbox 360 is a commercial failure

rbluetank4267d ago

i was just bent on destroying the enemies. i was wondering why people were targeting me... lol this game is brimstone..